Books & Novellas

Click HERE for some super awesome info about each title, links to excerpts, and where to get yourself copies!

And here’s a handy portable Book List so you know the order of the books in both my New Mexico and Far Seek series.

Covers of the first three books in the New Mexico series designed by the rockin’ Mari SanGiovanni. Cover of Day of the Dead by the rockin’ Mina Yamashita.

NOTE: My space opera series, The Far Seek Chronicles, is currently off the market and undergoing a re-vamp. I’ll keep everyone posted about that grooviness. Thanks for your patience!
In the meantime, hit this link to read excerpts and synopses from the originals.


The-Bureau-of-Holiday-Affairs-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

COMING November 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.47.29 AM

Available in all Amazon stores, Nook, and Smashwords.


Info, excerpt, and where to buy.


COMING 2016:

Stay tuned for more details.


Available all over. Click here for more info.

Cover by Sue Niewiarowski.

Click THIS LINK for even more super awesome info and where to buy!

Cover artwork “Charlotte,” by Kerem Beyit.

Some Kind of River
Some Kind of River cover 2012
Click here for more info.

Available through Kindle.

Cover photo by Jenn Meyskens/; cover design by R.G. Emanuelle

From the Boots Up
From the Boots Up WEBSITE USE

Click here for more info.

Available through Kindle.
What’s it about? Click here.

Cover image by KKidd,; cover design by Melody Simmons.

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