Book List

Right here in this handy link, a list of my books and the order in which they should be read.

New Mexico mystery series

Land of Entrapment (a K.C. Fontero Mystery, 2008)
Golden Crown Literary Society winner, Lesbian Fiction Readers Favorite

State of Denial (a Chris Gutierrez Mystery, 2008)
Lesbian Fiction Readers Favorite
The Ties that Bind (a K.C. Fontero Mystery, 2009)

Day of the Dead (a Chris Gutierrez Mystery, 2013)

NOTE: Land of Entrapment and State of Denial are currently OFF THE MARKET (still available as used paperback). Those are in the process of being revamped. Stay tuned…

Far Seek Chronicles

“Games with Chance” (short story prequel to Friends in High Places, available as a standalone at Khimairal Ink and also included with Friends in High Places)

Friends in High Places (2009)
Finalist, Golden Crown Literary Society

A Matter of Blood (2011)
Finalist, Golden Crown Literary Society

The Edge of Rebellion (2013)
Rainbow Award Winner, Finalist, Golden Crown Literary Society

NOTE: All three of the Far Seek Chronicles are off the market (currently available in used paperback). Those are also in the process of being revamped, so stay tuned!

Romance Novels
The Bureau of Holiday Affairs (2015)

The Secret of Sleepy Hollow (2015)

From the Hat Down (2014)

Novellas (standalones)
Some Kind of River (2012)

From the Boots Up (2013)
Rainbow Award runner-up

Co-edited Anthologies
With R.G. Emanuelle:

Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance and Erotica (forthcoming, 2016)

All you Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Romance and Erotica (2014)
Lambda finalist, Golden Crown Literary Society finalist

Skulls and Crossbones: Tales of Women Pirates (2009)

Short Stories
“The Sum of Our Parts,” in First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings, ed. Cheyenne Blue (2015)

“Secret Admirer,” in Don’t Be Shy: A Collection of Erotic Lesbian Stories, ed. Astrid Ohletz and Jae (2015)

“The Falcone Maltese,” in Lesbians on the Loose: Crime Writers on the Lam, ed. Lori L. Lake and Jessie Chandler (2015)

“Seasons’ Meetings,” in Unwrap These Presents, Astrid Ohletz and R.G. Emanuelle (2014)

“SpiritQuest, LLC,” in Wicked Things: Lesbian Halloween Short Stories, ed. Jae and Astrid Ohletz (2014)

“Sugar and ‘Shine,” in All You Can Eat: A Buffet of Lesbian Romance and Erotica, ed. R.G. Emanuelle and Andi Marquette (2014)

“Red,” in Myth and Magic: Queer Fairy Tails, ed. Radclyffe and Stacia Seaman (2014)

“Devil’s Bargain,” in Skulls and Crossbones: Tales of Women Pirates, ed. Andi Marquette and R.G. Emanuelle (2010)

“Package Deal,” in Women in Uniform: Medics and Soldiers and Cops, Oh My!, ed. Verda Foster and Pat Cronin (2010)

“Cookies,” in Khimairal Ink ezine (2009)

“Games with Chance,” in Khimairal Ink ezine (2008); also in my novel Friends in High Places

6 thoughts on “Book List

  1. I just read both of your Far Seek books and absolutely loved them. I couldn’t put either one down,metaphorically speaking (.pdf). When should all the alt sci-fi enthusiasts of the world expect a 3rd book? I’m interested to know where all the imaginative colorful characters
    are headed.
    And, just out of curiosity, what drug trip was the inspiration for “being brainjacked”?

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  3. We don’t care what type of writer/label you choose. Just keep writing and sharing.

    PS. If I write, will you edit? >:-)

    • Hi, Mary–I’m thinking you probably wanted to post this on the blog entry I did on the romance genre…? Regardless, thanks for stopping by! And I’m actually not really taking new clients at the moment. I sadly don’t have the time. But thanks for asking. 😀

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