Excerpt, Day of the Dead

Greetings, peeperas y peeperos!

From here, you’ll be able to read an excerpt from the fourth in my New Mexico mystery series, Day of the Dead, starring Albuquerque homicide detective Chris Gutierrez. Just click the link for the .pdf.

If you’re on a regular computer and you don’t have the reader for a .pdf, Adobe can help you. It’s free. If you’re on Android, iPhone, or iPad, Adobe can help you with that, too. This link will take you to the mobile app, which is also free.

All set? Cool. Let’s go.

Excerpt, Day of the Dead

DoD cover

3 thoughts on “Excerpt, Day of the Dead

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  2. I’ve enjoyed the readings and the excerpts – looking forward to the full release 🙂
    Good things are worth the wait. If you’ve mentioned the cover art, I apologize for not paying attention. Did someone craft the doll or is this one of your photos?

  3. Hi, there. Thanks for stopping by! That’s a Día de los Muertos figure that I bought and then photographed, purposely making it look sort of like a snapshot not done by a professional photographer. The designer, Mina Yamashita, incorporated it into her design, which is crafted to evoke the other covers. As an aside, the figure is a version of “La Catrina,” and that plays a role in the book. 🙂 As you’ve seen if you’ve read the excerpt.

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