A Matter of Blood (Far Seek Chronicles Book 2)

Outlaw Torri Rendego can’t shake her past, which involves her connection to her Academy bunkmate, Kai Tinsdale, now a commander in the hated Coalition. Torri thinks the Coalition is up to something on Kai’s family’s holdings. Problem is, she’s right, so she and the crew of the Far Seek devise an outrageous plan to gather information and get it to Kai somehow. But even the best-laid plans can go dangerously awry, especially where Kai’s concerned. Risking herself, her crew, and a tenuous tie to a shared history, Torri goes deep into Coalition territory to uncover a secret with far-reaching consequences for a distant and ancient culture. The stakes of this venture may prove way too high, even for a gambler like Torri.

4 thoughts on “A Matter of Blood (Far Seek Chronicles Book 2)

  1. I would really like to continue Kai and Torri’s story, but I’m not willing to pay $800 for a paperback. Are parts 2 and 3 available digitally somewhere other than Amazon? They don’t offer digital versions. And I like your writing style. Thx

    • Greetings–I sent you an email, as well. Check your spam filter if you don’t get it. The series is out of print and I am working to get the books re-released. Friends in High Places — that I just released in July — is actually the SECOND edition. It underwent a major edit and extensive re-write and is, I think, a much stronger story now. Books 2 and 3 are in the shop undergoing the same process and will be released in the coming year/18 months, we hope. The second editions of 2 and 3 will be changing to coincide with the changes in Book 1, so there’s no point to buying the original 1st editions (paperback) if you find ’em cheap because things are going to be different in the second editions.

      The series is being re-released through Dirt Road Books. So any copies floating around that are not DRB are first editions.

      Hope that’s helpful.

      Thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed the story!

  2. Hello,

    I was planning to read the first book of this serie after reading a couple of your books I enjoyed and saw there was a new edition out, can the first one be read as stand alone ? I was also wondering when the new edition of book 2 and 3 are coming out ?

    Thanks & good day.

    • Hi, there! I sent you an email! If you don’t see it, please check your spam filter. If you still don’t see it, email me at the About/Contact link and I’ll give you the details. Thanks for reading!

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