End of an Era: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor died this morning of complications from congestive heart failure.

She was a classy, elegant woman who worked tirelessly outside her screen career to humanize the plight of AIDS sufferers.

See her here, in A Place in the Sun

Trailer, Cleopatra:

Check her acting chops in this scene from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Slide show from the fashion section of the New York Post available here.

Reactions to her death.

Most iconic screen moments.

The many lives and roles of Elizabeth Taylor.

Her work as a tireless activist.

God speed, Ms. Taylor. You will be missed.

One thought on “End of an Era: Elizabeth Taylor

  1. She was a class act. Even through her problems, even though she became a bit of a joke because of all her marriages, and even though she was a hot mess, she remained dignified through it all. And she was a real person. She will be missed. RIP, Elizabeth.

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