Win a copy of a cool book!

Hey, aspiring/perspiring writers of lesfic. I’m having a little groovy contest over at Women and Words to win a copy of Lavender Ink: Writing and Selling Lesbian Fiction, ed. by Fran Walker. It’ll walk you through writing tips, putting together a query packet for a publisher, and the contracting process:

  • how to create vivid characters and realistic dialogue
  • what an editor looks for in a well-crafted story
  • tips on researching publishers of lesbian fiction
  • how to work with an editor
  • how to write query letters and synopses
  • how the publishing industry works
  • how to read a book contract clause by clause
  • marketing strategies for your book

(full disclosure–I have a chapter in here)

So come on down to Women and Words and play in the contest to win yourself a copy!

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