Steve Jobs changed the way we think

Hi, folks. Yes, I know. Mr. Jobs died last week, but tributes, I don’t think, are ever late. We all know that he’d been battling various illnesses, from pancreatic cancer to something that required he get a liver transplant in 2009 (not sure if it was related to the cancer or not). So I think a lot of us suspected he was living on borrowed time, but what I’ve discovered in reading all the articles about him after his death is he was as driven before his illness(es) as he was after. The man was a true visionary, and he changed the way we relate to technology and how we incorporate it into our lives. And yes, for the record, I’m writing this on my MacBook.

Here are some links that’ll provide you insight into his life and legacy, and also show you the evolution of Mac/Apple products:

Rolling Stone has a slideshow of some of his products here, from the 70s on.

The New York Times did a great write-up of his life and legacy here.

And Huffington Post on his death, life, and complicated relationship with fame.

Regardless of what you think about Mr. Jobs or Apple/Mac, he was an innovator, and he did push his industry to do the same. Even if you don’t own a Mac or Apple product, chances are you’ve heard of them and someone in your circle of friends owns at least one (and constantly tells you how you should get one, too). Here’s hoping that his legacy will continue, and that we as a culture continue to strive to innovate and develop products that are more environmentally friendly but on the cutting edge of computing technology.

Happy Monday.

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