Walking Dead and other stuff

Hi, kids!

This week was crazy busy. First things first. I’m trying to get all validated for the site Goodreads. I’m sure many of you are familiar with it. Once the elves over there ascertain that I am, actually, Andi Marquette and the books they have with that name were actually written by your truly, then I’ll let you all know. I’ll be doing some giveaways and groovy stuff like that over there. WOOOO!

And the other thing is that I decided to try that Kindlegraph stuff. So yes, my books are available through Kindlegraph for online signing. If that’s your thing, go on over and I’ll be glad to sign away.

And finally, I hope you’re getting ready for Walking Dead! Season 2 premiere is this Sunday the 16th. I posted about it HERE. Check that link out to see what it’s all about if you’re not familiar with it.

All rightie, that should hold you for a little bit. Hope you’re all well and happy Friday!

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