Friday Reads: Benjamin Buchholz

Hi, friends–

When I come across provocative things to read, I like to pass them along.

In this case, I came across this article in HuffPo, by a man named Benjamin Buchholz, who served with the Wisconsin National Guard in Iraq. He’s got a book out called One Hundred and One Nights, told from the perspective of an Iraqi.

source: Paperback Swap

Here’s a quote from the piece Buchholz wrote for HuffPo:

The window of opportunity for me to make a difference in Safwan had passed while I was still learning to navigate the culture. This failure made me realize that our armed forces in general, and myself in particular, must develop greater cultural acuity and must be willing to commit to more than a single year of service in order to truly make a difference. As such, I resolved to obtain this sort of further preparation through the Army’s Foreign Affairs Officer (FAO) program.

Intrigued, I went to check out Buchholz’s blog, “Not Quite Right,” in which he chronicles his experiences with immersion in the Middle East. It’s a travelogue, history, analysis, and examination not only of the Middle East, but also of his own views and ruminations about where he fits in the world.

Happy reading!

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