What? Friday AGAIN?

Holy crap. Wasn’t it just Friday last week?

Where DOES the time go?

Briefly, the power of humor continues. It made HuffPo. One thing I appreciate about defusing nastiness with humor is that it doesn’t leave you feeling dirty afterward. Laughing is a soul-lift. Silliness lightens your mood, and for a moment, you’re not carrying a ton of baggage or dealing with the day-to-day. You’re in that moment, enjoying it. Savoring it. And sharing it, I hope. And in these times, especially, we could all use a good laugh.

All right, that said, let’s have some Friday fun stuff.

Photobombs. That’s when you’re trying to get that photo, and something messes it up. Maybe it’s something in the background, or maybe it’s something in the foreground. Here are some amusing animal photobombs. HuffPo had some good ones today:

CLICKIE to go see.

Here’s the first one, which I think is one of my faves in the series:

Source: HuffPo via Photobomb.com (resized here)

There’s one of a squirrel that had me laughing, too. Which reminds me. Get your honey badger fix. If you’ve missed out on the honey badger meme, let me help you. Here’s the original documentary clip on the sheer badassery of the honey badger. You only need about 30 seconds of that to get the point. Now here’s Randall’s take on the honey badger, and therein, a meme is born. CLICK for it!

And finally, for the more literary-minded, check out this list of author addictions. I loved Balzac’s description of his coffee addiction, but OMG who knew about James Joyce? He also wrote some pretty raunchy letters (TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK, if you click that link in the James Joyce addiction section, so be aware!). Again, who knew?!?

Go see what past writers struggled with HERE.

And there you go. Hope you have a groovy Friday. Happy writing, happy reading!

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