Thank your local librarians!

Hi, folks–

I’m a member of Sisters in Crime (cuz, like, I write mysteries), and this Saturday they’re doing an event called Sisters Solve Mysteries.

Here’s some scoopage:

For 25 years, booksellers and librarians have helped women writing crime fiction find their audience. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of Sisters in Crime, an organization created to promote the advancement of women mystery writers, SinC members are thanking librarians and booksellers for their efforts by spending a day helping out in their institutions.

For six hours on Saturday, April 21, SinC member authors will shadow booksellers and librarians to learn how they solve mysteries every day.

SinC authors will serve as booksellers or library volunteers for a day, doing whatever their library or bookstore manager asks of the regular staff: shelving, bagging, sweeping, assisting patrons, pulling holds, making recommendations, taking out the trash, checking in returned books, etc.

Click THIS LINK to find out if libraries in your area are participating.

And if not, well, that’s okay. Maybe you could organize an event through the writers’ groups/organizations you belong to and do something like this, that shows some love for your local libraries.

Because I’ll tell you what. NOTHING solves problems like a good librarian.

Happy reading!

And if you don’t have a librarian action figure, WHY NOT? Here. Now you, too, can be awesome.

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