Holiday fun around the bend

Hi, peeps–

Just wanted to alert those of you who are lesfic fans/readers that once again, fellow author Jove Belle and I will be doing a Holiday Hootenanny over at Women and Words this year.

For the uninitiated, the Hootenanny 2010 was a giant conglomeration of awesome-ness in which a whole bunch of lesfic authors put up copies of their books for holiday drawings. And WHOA Nelly did we have drawings! We gave away probably over 50 books over the course of 12 days (12 days of Xmas…get it?) and we’re going to DO IT AGAIN.

Here’s the list of authors from the 2010 Hootenanny. That’ll also give you an overview as to what it’s all about.

Currently, Jove and I are hard at work contacting authors and getting a schedule ready to go. We’ll let you know whose books are up for holiday fun n’ games later on; we’re planning to launch this here cornucopia o’ book-ness around December 12th.

So stay tuned. Details to come!

Happy Wednesday!

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