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  1. I’m with you, Andi. This is just ridiculous, not being able to cope without the smarttech. I downgraded from a smartphone to (what I call) a dumbphone simply because I don’t want to be online any more than I already am. Well, also because the corporate perk went away and I didn’t want to pony up. STILL! Point remains. Thanks for saying it again for the good of human relationships. Back away from the (online) buffet, people.

  2. RIGHT? I have yet to upgrade to a smartphone, and the only reason I’m kind of leaning that way is for the camera capabilities, but I actually decided I like having a dumbphone because I use it for GASP phone calls and the occasional text. I like not being tethered. Though I doubt I’d let a smartphone tether me, because when I’m out and about in the world, I’m just not checking the interwebs. Life is too interesting to constantly be staring at a tiny screen.

    • Truly we are sistahs. And I have the photo issue, too, and am hunting for a slim little solution of some sort. I have an iPod touch, which takes AWESOME video (I bought it for a client gig for which I had to shoot a ton of video on location) and CRAPPY photos. Yep, they put the good camera chip in the iPhone and left the shit one in the iPod. Gr. When you solve this particular issue, I’ll be curious to hear how you do it.

  3. Damn. I was considering the iPod touch option. Now I know that it is NOT the camera solution. Whew. Glad you set me on the right road there. Camera makers are now including wi-fi in cameras so you can take a photo and upload to the interwebz, but I don’t want to carry a camera around all the time along with my sexy dumbphone, you know? I guess basically what I want is a dumbphone with a good camera. LOL

    • YES. That is what we both want and when we find it we should pinkie swear to share said smart-camera-dumb-phone with each other… AND THE WORLD. I would totally purchase a new dumbphone if it had a good camera. Oh, hell. Here I go googling again….

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