The haps!

Hiya, peeps!

Hope everybody is groovy. Remember, this Thursday begins the MASSIVE BIG-ASS CRAZY GIVEAWAY over at Women and Words! Here’s a list of authors. We’ve also got several lesfic publishing houses joining in and another publisher that does lots of LGBT stuff. So we hope you come by for that. It’s TWELVE FREAKING DAYS of nothing but book giveaways. TWELVE DAYS, people. C’mon! Join the fun!

Other stuff:

I got interviewed over at the LGBT Support and Friendship Alliance. A groovy group, so throw ’em some luv.

Oh, and my novella From the Boots Up, which was a finalist in the Rainbow Awards, scored runner-up in two categories. WOO HOO!

Best Lesbian Contemporary Romance
1. Karis Walsh – Sea Glass Inn
Runners Up:
2. Caren J. Werlinger – Neither Present Time
3. Andi Marquette – From the Boots Up <—–WOOO HOOOOO!
4. Beth Burnett – Andy's Song
5. Lynn Ames – All That Lies Within

Best Lesbian Novel
1. Catherine Ryan Hyde – Where We Belong
Runners Up:
2. R.E. Bradshaw – Out on the Panhandle
3. Karis Walsh – Sea Glass Inn
4. Caren J. Werlinger – Neither Present Time
5. Caren J. Werlinger – In This Small Spot
6. Andi Marquette – From the Boots Up <——–WOOO HOOOO!
7. Sandra Moran – Letters Never Sent
8. Beth Burnett – Andy's Song
9. Lynn Ames – All That Lies Within
10. Donna K. Ford – Healing Hearts / Andrea Bramhall – Ladyfish

CONGRATS to everybody who won and to all the runners-up! Here’s the complete list of winners.


Anyhoo, friends, I and the merry elves are getting things in order for The Hootenanny over at Women and Words, so we hope to see you soon! OH, and I’ve got another story I’ll be posting once the hoopla dies down. Look for that as a new year’s fun thing. 🙂

Happy reading, happy writing, happy Hootenanny!

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