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Well, I’m going through a major organizational thingie up in here. No biggie. Every so often, I get rid of bunches of stuff and find better, sleeker strategies for keeping things in order. I have this issue whereby if I have too much stuff, I start freaking out and I feel trapped, so I go through a purge of sorts. It helps clear my mind and calm me down. Heh.

Generally, my office is a study in relatively controlled chaos. I have bookshelves and other shelving that I decided no longer serves me as well as I’d like. So I’m looking at options. I’ve gotten kind of into cubby storage lately, some of which are designed for those cloth containers you can then slide in. Like so.

I’m into no-frills, (relatively) inexpensive stuff and if it’s something I can fix up myself, that’s cool, too, though I don’t have a lot of extra time (found objects–cool!). I’m also trying to figure out some ideas for bathroom storage. I have a tall linen closet in my bathroom with really deep shelves. I’m not very tall myself, so I can’t really access the top shelf (that’s my apocalypse shelf–lots of toilet paper!) all the time. I’m trying to pare down my bathroom stuff and figure out, again, sleeker organizational strategies for that, too. I tend to be a bit minimalist (kind of Ikea-ish/Swedish design mixed with Japanese zen space), I guess, and if my furniture is big and clunky, it kind of stresses me out.

Unless it’s some kind of cool historic-looking thing. I have some shelves I bought from a Mexican import store that I really like. Rough around the edges, kind of crooked, but super sturdy. Kinda like this.

These are some of my ideal spaces:

Japanese Zen style. Source: Now-Zen blog

New Mexico style! Source: Offgridworld
From the cave houses in Spain. Source: cavehealing retreat

How about you? Got any good storage ideas? And what’s YOUR ideal space?

Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “(Dis)organization

  1. Apocalypse shelf is the perfect name for the one none of us can reach. Less is more for me as well when it comes to furnishings. Real Estate agents always encourage people to de-clutter and remove all the froufrou before you list a house or condo for sale. It makes sense to me. My problem is dealing with the closets stuffed full of the junk I have hidden to get that open spaces feeling. 🙂

  2. RIGHT? I’m generally pretty good about keeping things pared down, but I haven’t really done a major clearing out for about 4 years, so it’s way past time. I have a couple closets that I use for tools, which I don’t consider clutter since I use them quite a bit for various household maintenance projects. Heh. But right now, I’m trying to streamline and it’s a pain in the you-know-what!

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