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Click on each title below to check ’em out. Two of these are published, but you can read them for free. Those are “Games With Chance” and “Cookies.” Stories with an asterisk indicate adult content.


Sarah’s having a hard time emotionally and physically almost two years after an accident changed her life. Finally, one of her friends convinces her to go out to a club. Sarah’s reluctant, but she knows she needs to start doing things like that to help move on. Besides, her friend suggests, you never know what could happen…

“Cookies” — Khimairal Ink

Deals with “yer cheatin’ heart.”

*Games With Chance“: originally published in the ezine Khimairal Ink. It was also re-published as an addition to my book Friends in High Places, Bedazzled Ink, and it was selected for the Year’s Best Lesbian Fiction, 2008 anthology through Bedazzled Ink, ed. Fran Walker.

Outlaw Torri Rendego has spent the years since the hated Coalition came to power trying to avoid its forces and make a living running legit and not-so-legit products across various quadrants. She thought she’d left her past behind. Until she ran into it in a bar in Hallifin, and then everything changed.

Floral Designs” (a Valentine’s Day kinda thang)

Marissa knows what type of woman she doesn’t want, but when just that type asks for some help with a Valentine’s Day gift, Marissa starts to realize that maybe typecasting isn’t always a good idea.

“Dinner Party”

Shay just had a bad dating experience, and she’s frustrated about finding anyone who’d be willing to meet her “not looking for anything too serious right now” requirement. Thinking that it’s probably best that she just continue with her “single gal” vibe, she focuses instead on her neighbor’s impending dinner party. That’s the ticket, Shay thinks. Maybe she’ll meet some prospects. But then again, maybe her prospects aren’t as distant as the thinks.

*“The Kindness of Strangers”

Aidan’s on her way to Missoula for grad school, leaving Denver in the wake of a bad break-up. Just past Butte, her truck breaks down and she has to spend at least one night in the historic mining city. Resigned to the delay, she finds a place to stay. But she also finds something else.

“One Athenian Summer”

Tristan’s doing research in Athens as part of her doctorate degree. She loves her work, loves Greece, and loves playing the field. But a chance meeting with a stranger reveals something she didn’t realize about herself.

*“Road Trip”

Codie’s on her way to a job in Seattle, moving back West after a few years in Florida. It’s going to be a long, long drive across the country, but you never know what might happen or who you might meet.


What’s a woman to do when she’s stuck in traffic and late to a meeting?

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