Gamble (longish short story)

Hi, all!

Thanks for popping by. This here’s a longish short story that’s been in a the hopper for a while and I decided to release it as a freebie. It’s a .pdf, which means you can slap it onto most devices (if that’s your thing).

Here’s the synopsis:

Sarah’s struggling to recover from an accident almost two years earlier, but she’s having trouble reconciling who she was with who she is now. Finally, one of her friends convinces her to go to a club. After all, her friend hints, you never know what could happen…

NOTE: This story is a F/F romance.


Just click that link above and hit the DOWNLOAD. Should be easy-peasy.

Gamble Cover

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4 thoughts on “Gamble (longish short story)

  1. A perfect story for Jan 1st 🙂 Thank you for sharing. I loved Sarah’s realism, Ace’s pirate charm, both enjoying life and each other. Ace’s line when exiting Sarah’s front door is perfect. You write two paragraph’s in one sentence 🙂 Thanks for a little romantic read for the New Year.

  2. Just finished ” GAMBLE” really enjoyed it, I was so not ready for it to end. Thanks for freebie . Love to read your writing.

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