Blurring the Lines, AKA The Breakfast Club with KD Williamson

Peeps! I have the awesome-ness of hosting another author here in my special space!

Please give a warm, fuzzy, space bandit welcome to fellow traveler KD Williamson, whose latest novel, Blurred Lines, is so hot off the press at Ylva Publishing that tendrils of steam are still emanating from the cover.Blurred-Lines-by-KD-Williamson

A bit about KD: She’s a Southerner and a former nomad, taking up residence in the Mid-West, east coast, and New Orleans over the years. She is also a Hurricane Katrina survivor. Displaced to the mountains of North Carolina, she found her way back to New Orleans, where she lives with her partner of ten years and the strangest dogs and cats in existence. She’s also into all things geek, from video games to superheroes.

And now I’ll let her tell you about her latest below, so I’m just gonna step back and let that happen.

Welcome aboard, KD!

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