OMG post-GCLS 2013

All rightie, people! Hope everybody who celebrates it had a great 4th. Now, let’s chat about the GCLS (Golden Crown Literary Society) conference in Dallas this past weekend.

A quick note before we start — if you took my master class on setting, remember that your assignments (should you have chosen to do them) are due 15 July. That’s the 500-1000 word beginning to a piece incorporating a post-apocalyptic setting with the character you’ve decided to work with. You can reach me on my contact page here on my site or drop me a line on Facebook and I’ll give you my email again.

A further note about that — you don’t have to turn this into a short story or a novel. This is an exercise to get you thinking about setting and how your character interacts with it. If you’d like to turn it into something longer, by all means, do!

Okay. GCLS in Dallas!

Did I mention that it was over 100 degrees every day we were there until Sunday? No? Well, it was a bit roasty-toasty. But whatevs. We were there to do GCLSin’! Read on!