I’m up to stuff…

Hi, peeps!

So I’ve got some stuff going on with regard to books n’ things, and I’m not going to announce anything just yet, but I did want everybody to know that I am, indeed, UP TO THINGS! ALL THE THINGS!

In the meantime, I’m writing a longish short story for consideration in a Halloween anthology and I’m working on a holiday novella (you’ve got to get that stuff in before mid-summer to make the fall/winter publication schedules). I’m also working on a crime novella for another project and my colleague in crime R.G. Emanuelle and I are doing another F/F food anthology with Ylva.

We’d LUUUUUUUV for you to consider submitting a story to us.



Our last food-themed anthology is currently a Lambda finalist and a Goldie finalist. That would be All You Can Eat, and yes, we are looking to include recipes in this latest volume, “Order Up,” as well.

And yes, I have a romance novel I’m tinkering with. It’s nearly done, but it needs some overhauling, so we’ll see what happens there. Regarding the rest of the things, well, stay tuned…

muah ha ha

Happy Tuesday!