Blogging the Alphabet…

Hi, kids!

I also blog over at Women and Words, a collective of women who write. This month, we’re doing this thing called “Blogging the Alphabet,” which means that each of us is assigned specific letters and we have to come up with a topic that starts with whatever letter we have for that day.

Today is the first of the month (DUH!), and I got the honor of starting us off with the letter A.

So head on over to see what (and who) I came up with for our inaugural “Blogging the Alphabet” postiness.

Thanks, and happy Friday!

Win a copy of a cool book!

Hey, aspiring/perspiring writers of lesfic. I’m having a little groovy contest over at Women and Words to win a copy of Lavender Ink: Writing and Selling Lesbian Fiction, ed. by Fran Walker. It’ll walk you through writing tips, putting together a query packet for a publisher, and the contracting process:

  • how to create vivid characters and realistic dialogue
  • what an editor looks for in a well-crafted story
  • tips on researching publishers of lesbian fiction
  • how to work with an editor
  • how to write query letters and synopses
  • how the publishing industry works
  • how to read a book contract clause by clause
  • marketing strategies for your book

(full disclosure–I have a chapter in here)

So come on down to Women and Words and play in the contest to win yourself a copy!