Quickie Writer Tip

Hi, folks–

I find short stories really difficult to write. I don’t really consider myself that good at them, and it’s an art form I’d like to get a handle on. So I came across this blog today that provides some good fuel toward that goal:

Short Stories: 10 Tips for Creative Writers

Good stuff. Like, doing catchy first paragraphs. And emergency tips, like getting your theme nailed down ASAP. Oh, and developing characters (basically, you need to know way more about your character than you’ll use in the story). Includes tips on dialogue, point-of-view, and how to use setting and context.

So there you go. Get crackin’ on your short stories! (ditto for me)

Oh, and don’t forget the “Blog the Alphabet” tour is under way at Women and Words. Today’s letter is D!

Happy writing, happy reading!

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  1. Andi, this is waaayyyy cool! I love the look of this site! Woohoo!! I’m gonna have to come hang out with you here pretty regular-like. Oh, and the writing tips were spot on, as always, my friend! Nice job. Talk to ya later~

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