Secrets revealed…

Hi, kids!

Today is TMI day. Wait! Come back! No, I’m just going to tell you a bit about my own writing process. Sometimes people who read my stuff like to know how I write. That is, if I’m like a superstitious baseball player and I have to go through all kinds of rituals and stuff like that.

Um, no. Although I do have a few rituals, but not many. Anyway. So let’s get to it. Click it!

Q: So, Andi, do you outline projects?
A: No. But I know people who do. It seems interesting. Sort of organized. I’m not that kind of writer, and I know I drive the more organized ones a little crazy.

Q: Then how do you keep track of things?
A: I have a notebook for each project. That is, an ol’ skool writer’s notebook, like a Moleskin or something. I love paper. Love journals. Love pens and the whole idea of writing something by hand. That’s why I keep a notebook for each project and I jot things down with regard to names, family, friends, places. That sort of thing.

Q: Do you have a writing space?
A: I have a room in my house that’s my “office.” There’s a very messy computer desk in there, some bookshelves, and strange Mexican folk art that portrays La Virgen. I also have a laptop. I can pretty much write anywhere. If I don’t have a computer, I’ll use pen and paper. If I don’t have that, I go over scenes in my head.

Q: Do you have music playing when you’re writing?
A: Oh, HELL, yes. I listen to a lot of trance/chill, which is really good mood music for my paranormal and space opera, though it works with short stories, too. I have different “soundtracks” for each book I’ve written. I listened to a ton of Robbie Robertson (love him! And he’s got a new album dropping any minnit now!) and Primeaux and Mike (super awesome!) for The Ties that Bind, for example, and a ton of Sophie B. Hawkins (dig her stuff) for State of Denial. I’m never sure, though, what soundtrack will take shape as I’m writing. So I’ll start writing and see what the script calls for.

Q: Do you have to have some kind of “ritual” before you start writing?
A: Okay, that sounds like you think I’m going to be dancing around and chanting. I do that anyway. I don’t need a special occasion. So no, I just sit down and start writing. I don’t have a set time of day, but since I do have a day job, I carve an hour or two out of my evening before I go to bed. It’s like exercise. I have to do it or my day just doesn’t feel right. I tell that to all writers who are balancing jobs, families, whatever. Carve some time out for writing. Even if it’s a half-hour. You need it.

Q: Do you have a preferred beverage when you write?
A: Depends on the time of day and my mood. Before 3 PM, coffee. After, I might — MIGHT — have a bit of scotch. Again, depends on my mood. And on weekdays, when I’m home from the day job, I sometimes have a small glass of wine while I’m writing.

Q: Hmm. That doesn’t seem all that mysterious.
A: MUAH HA HA cuz I’m not telling you EVERYTHING!

Maybe some day I will. In the meantime, happy writing, happy reading!

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  1. Gosh, doesn’t sound wildly mysterious or too exotic. In fact, you kinda sound like a productive sort of writer. Clearly, the creativity is all used for the magic of the story and the three dimensional characters. mmm scotch…

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