A few calls for submissions

Um–STORY submissions, you nasty-minded cretins! (but that’s why I luuuuuv you!)

Anyway, Lambda Literary posts calls over at their website. Here’re a couple you might want to consider:

Lethe Press is looking for Bisexual/Genderqueer REPRINT SPEC FIC stories for an anthology. $100 if accepted. REPRINTS ONLY. Here’s the scoop. The deadline for both suggestions and submissions is November 15, 2011.

And Storm Moon Press is looking for gay and lesbian stories that center on the theme “whispered vows” — as in, secret marriages. Romance is good, strong erotic elements at the core of your story is strongly encouraged, and your story must have an HEA (Happily Ever After) ending. Clickie for the skinny. Deadline for stories is October 28, 2011.

And here, my friends, is a super fun one. The fun folks over at Cocktail Hour/Bar Rag are holding their own short story contest. The stipulations: between 10K-30K words and the story MUST contain the phrases “Cocktail Hour” and “bearded clam” (oh, lord have mercy!). And you must be 18 or over. There is a prize involved, but it has yet to be announced. So if you’re a writer of lesfic or lesbian fanfic, maybe feel a sexy, nasty groove coming on, well, you might want to give this one a whirl. HERE’s the 411. Deadline is October 15, 2011.

All rightie. Get them creative juices flowing and have at!

Happy writing!

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