Hallo-WRITE! Short Story Opportunities

Hey, kids–

I’m keeping my eyes open for Halloween writing contests and calls for submissions. Found some cool stuff going on at Dark Moon Books. You’ve still got time to toss your flash fiction in the ring for their “Slices of Flesh.” Click that there link for all the scoop. Deadline is October 15, and this collection launches at the 2012 World Horror/Bram Stoker Awards in Salt Lake City.

Dark Moon is also running THIS fab contest: Apocalyptic Horror Short Story Contest. The down n’ dirty: 4000 words, $10 entry fee, deadline January 15, 2012. Winner gets a hundred bucks and publication in Dark Moon Digest. Must be an unpublished work. There’s also a “no entry fee” option, but you don’t get considered for the hundred bucks, though your story could earn a spot in Dark Moon Digest and if it is, you get $10.

Want more info about Dark Moon’s horror calls for submissions? Check here, too.

Happy haunting, happy writing!

A few calls for submissions

Um–STORY submissions, you nasty-minded cretins! (but that’s why I luuuuuv you!)

Anyway, Lambda Literary posts calls over at their website. Here’re a couple you might want to consider:

Lethe Press is looking for Bisexual/Genderqueer REPRINT SPEC FIC stories for an anthology. $100 if accepted. REPRINTS ONLY. Here’s the scoop. The deadline for both suggestions and submissions is November 15, 2011.

And Storm Moon Press is looking for gay and lesbian stories that center on the theme “whispered vows” — as in, secret marriages. Romance is good, strong erotic elements at the core of your story is strongly encouraged, and your story must have an HEA (Happily Ever After) ending. Clickie for the skinny. Deadline for stories is October 28, 2011.

And here, my friends, is a super fun one. The fun folks over at Cocktail Hour/Bar Rag are holding their own short story contest. The stipulations: between 10K-30K words and the story MUST contain the phrases “Cocktail Hour” and “bearded clam” (oh, lord have mercy!). And you must be 18 or over. There is a prize involved, but it has yet to be announced. So if you’re a writer of lesfic or lesbian fanfic, maybe feel a sexy, nasty groove coming on, well, you might want to give this one a whirl. HERE’s the 411. Deadline is October 15, 2011.

All rightie. Get them creative juices flowing and have at!

Happy writing!

Book Giveaway! Oh, yeah! FOR TOTAL REALS!


I’m doing a book giveaway at Women and Words, where I also blog. Don’t worry, I’ll provide that link at the bottom for you so you can go and get in on the fun. In the meantime, read more for specifics about this stuff.

Thought I’d toss out a print copy of the anthology Under This Cowgirl’s Hat (ed. SA Clements), which includes my longish short story “From the Boots Up.” I’ll have this on offer throughout Saturday, and we’ll pick a winner on Sunday, noon Eastern Standard US time. The rules are at the end of this post. Seriously. I’m not making that up.

source: Torquere Press

Here’s the rundown on the stories included therein:

Tea and Kisses by CB Potts
When Iris’ neighbor Randy decides to auction off his ranch, she decides to put a bid in on the place. Renee is the Randy’s sister, and she figures Iris has ulterior motives. Iris is honest, but city girl Renee doesn’t understand how country friendships work. Can Iris make Renee understand how good being neighborly can be?

Reversible Cowgirls by Shanna Germain
Stephanie has some problems with her love life. She’s seeing a married woman, their relationship is going nowhere, and Stephanie needs to break it off. Then she meets Macie, the new veterinarian in town, who takes her by surprise with the heat they generate. Can Stephanie work through her problems and take Macie on full time?

Bright Lights and Boob Jobs by BA Tortuga
Maddie works in the city as an exotic dancer. She’s missing her cowgirl ways and her family, but she’s too proud to go home a failure. When her best friend Shannon shows up, Maddie’s torn between what she thinks she needs to do to succeed, and what Shannon urges her to find in her life. Can love change her mind?

From the Boots Up by Andi Marquette
Meg isn’t at all sure she wants to spend time with an LA reporter who wants to do a feature on her father’s Wyoming dude ranch, but she will for him. A chance meeting at the local feed store takes Meg’s mind off the impending visit from the city slicker, however, and Meg wonders about Gina, the attractive woman whose flat tire she helped fix in the parking lot. When Gina turns out to be the reporter, Meg realizes her summer at the ranch might just have taken a turn for the better.

The Good Life by Jodi Payne
Ruby has come home to New Mexico for her father, who’s in the hospital. She’s been living her own life in the city, far away from cows and scrub brush. Caroline is a cowgirl with a lot of charm, but will Ruby be able to give everything up and stay at the ranch?
[synopses from Torquere Press website, with exception of “From the Boots Up”]

Okay, usual rules. LEAVE A COMMENT AT WOMEN AND WORDS AT THIS LINK HERE if you’d like to be considered for this drawing. DO NOT LEAVE A COMMENT HERE. GO OVER TO WOMEN AND WORDS TO LEAVE A COMMENT. Make sure you include your email address AT WOMEN AND WORDS WHEN YOU LEAVE A COMMENT THERE (don’t worry–only the elves here at Women and Words see it! Swear! For reals!) so we can contact you if you win.

You’ve got ’til Sunday at noon EST US time. If you’re not of the US, here’s a link to a world clock time zone converter (that’s how much we luuuuv you). 😀

Cheers and good luck!