Benefit Auction for Kara Leonardo

Hi, all–

I posted this same thing over at Women and Words. Nevertheless, I’m doing it here, too:

There’s a benefit auction going on until August 5th to benefit a woman named Kara Leonardo. Some of you may know her; she was very active on lesfic boards and FB in the past and has been an ardent supporter of lesfic. In February, she was involved in a car accident in which her partner was killed. Kara suffered serious injuries and is just now leaving rehab, but she’s facing another decision. She’s currently in Delaware, where she moved from Illinois to be with her partner. She’d like to stay in Delaware, but she doesn’t have many resources to help her do that. She may end up having to go back to Illinois, but again, resources are scarce for her. So the auction is to provide a bit of money for her to hopefully help her get settled.

ALL proceeds from the auction go to Kara.

You can read the specifics about Kara and the auction HERE.

Here’s the direct link to what books authors have offered for auction (it’s also accessible via the other link).

Thanks, and please share far and wide.

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