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Broadside Blog (run by the awesome career journalist Caitlin Kelly) is doing a great series of blogs on freelance writing. Tips, suggestions, hows, whys, what it’s like, and excellent comments from readers.

So here.

“What’s freelance writing for a living really like?”
Introduces you to what it might be like to live that freelance writing life.

“The freelance writers’ life, continued”
Includes tips on ethics and networking.

“Negotiating — every freelancer’s challenge!”
Tips on how to do this.

Oh, and I’m throwing this one in, also from Broadside: “Twelve tips for fresh grads — includes a job offer!”

That one’s got good tips we can all use. Like these:

Take an hour every day unplugged from all forms of technology

Savor it. Your best ideas will come to you alone, in silence and probably while in the natural world. Do not tether yourself to Facebook or Tumblr clutching for some sort of emotional blankie.

Read challenging, smart material. Every day

It’s easy to think “Thank God. I’m done!” No more papers, tests, exams, finals. Just because you’ve snagged your diploma doesn’t mean it’s time to turn your brain off. Veg for a while, but make a point of reaching for some smart, tough work. If you’re an art history major, are you up on the (latest) banking scandal ? Do you know what Libor is? Read the business section of the Wall Street Journal and/or New York Times, the Financial Times if you’re really ambitious. If you’re an economics or political science major, take the time to read history, arts and literature. Throughout your life, and not just to get or keep a job, you need to keep broadening your horizons and stay sharp!

People tend to hire and promote people with insatiable curiosity and the ability to quickly analyze and sift through complex data.

Yeah. Good stuff. So go have a look at Broadside Blog and happy writing, happy reading!

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