For sale: anti-zombie strongholds

Hey, kids!

Haven’t done a zombie apocalypse prep post in a while. So here we go. Yahoo had an article the other day on purchasing anti-zombie strongholds. These are actual living spaces that might serve you well in a zombie outbreak. Some better than others. Not sure it’s actually a good idea to have an underground place unless you’ve got an escape tunnel elsewhere. After all, if you’re underground and zombies figure it out, they’ll just congregate over your bunker. So if you go that route, have an escape tunnel or two that are reinforced and camouflaged.

Anyway, here’s the link to the Yahoo article.

Now let’s go have a look at a couple of ’em.

Like the $10 million stronghold surrounded by a moat in Florida:

source (re-sized here)

How about this awesome paranoid stronghold in LA?

source (re-sized here)

Keep in mind you might have an awesome stronghold, but it’s always a good idea to have that backup escape route/medium. If not a tunnel, a helicopter? Maybe access to a boat ramp and boat (although this might make you get all heebed out because of that whole remake of Dawn of the Dead scenario.

You can also buy some time in your stronghold to build a more appropriate vehicle should you be required to bail. Like, say, this little gem dreamed up by the folks at Hyundai and Walking Dead. It’s being revealed as we speak at San Diego Comic-Con. If you’re there, maybe go check it out (and send me photos!).

And speaking of getting a car ready for the zombie outbreak, these guys totally trick out a Nissan Pathfinder. Here. Might Car Mods with awesome zombie survival tips.


Okay, there you go. Some Saturday food for thought (speaking of food, I don’t think I’ll be buying that one book they pimped in Mighty Car Mods — you’ll see the one I’m talking about).

Happy Saturday, happy prepping!

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