Space banditry rules!

Hi, peeps.

I love space banditry.

And I love space opera.

That’s why I’m writing one, and that’s also why today I am pretty stoked that the third installment of my sci fi series, the Far Seek Chronicles, is going to the printer next week. The Edge of Rebellion should be ready for mass consumption the end of this month.
Cover art by Mina Yamashita

Commander Kai Tinsdale knows something’s afoot when she receives orders to post to the military base Koto on the virtually impassable jungle planet Hanzey. Rumors of rebellion against the Coalition are spreading across the quadrants, and the threat of war makes Kai all the more suspicious about her assignment. What does Major Tinniset Vic, the ranking officer at Koto, want with Kai? How might the decade-old destruction of a Hanzien city pertain to Kai’s new posting?

The only person she trusts, former Academy bunkmate turned trader Torri Rendego, is running merchant routes in other quadrants and may be facing her own problems in the growing rebellion. So Kai must play the hand she’s dealt in a high-stakes game of intrigue and revenge where Major Vic holds all the cards and where a gamble could unleash a war all its own on Hanzey.

The Chronicles are a space opera with an ol’ skool pulp fiction kinda thing going on — that is, the books are shortish novels that are clearly serialized. Each installment generally picks up where the previous installment left off. Certain themes and plots carry through, and I stick with some core characters but introduce a few others who show up in later installments. So if you dig that kind of thing, check back around the end of the month. Hopefully, I’ll get sales links and info that I can post by then.

In the meantime, here’s an Edge of Rebellion excerpt.

And if you’re interested, a review.

Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Space banditry rules!

  1. This looks fantastic, but it sounds like I should start at the beginning. Not a problem. I can make this my summer vacation reading. I’ve been looking for something fun.

    I love the cover too. Do you know who designed it or was that all taken care of by your publisher?

  2. Howdy–I dropped you a direct line, as well. I hire artists to do my covers on this series. I emailed you the name of the artist in this case. 😀

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