Hiya, peeps —

Hope everyone is doing well. I was thinking about things that inspire me. I’m not talking about writing. I’m talking about life. About what makes us keep going in spite of all the nasty, brutish, ugly things out there, and in spite of all the crappy things we as a species do to each other and to other species.

And I saw a couple of videos yesterday that summed up the word “inspiration.”

Here’s the background. Sportscaster/newscaster/awesome woman Robin Roberts was honored with the Arthur Ashe Award at the ESPYs. Here’s her acceptance speech.

But THIS video, I think, sums up why she got this recognition. That link will take you to it, at the ESPN site.

Go on. It’s about 11 minutes.

I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that inspires you. And go ahead and leave a comment here about what inspires you.

Happy Friday.

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