My New Mexico mystery series: some news

Howdy, all —

As some of you know, I’ll be in New Mexico in a couple of weeks at a groovy author event. More info HERE.

I’ll be doing a reading from my latest and forthcoming book in the series, Day of the Dead. It’s a Chris Gutierrez mystery, in case you wondered. There are two main characters in the NM series. K.C. Fontero stars in odd-numbered books and Chris Gutierrez stars in even-numbered books. Anyway, we’re hoping for a fall release (start looking in November) for Day of the Dead, so folks at the New Mexico gathering September 14 will be getting a sneak preview of it. 🙂

Since I’ll be releasing another installment in that series, I thought I’d re-post some interviews I did with a few of the characters.

Interview with K.C. Fontero

Interview with Chris Gutierrez

Interview with Sage Crandall

And stay tuned, cuz a cover image is coming soon.

Hope everybody is having a groovy holiday weekend. Remember what it commemorates.


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