My New Mexico mystery series: some news

Howdy, all —

As some of you know, I’ll be in New Mexico in a couple of weeks at a groovy author event. More info HERE.

I’ll be doing a reading from my latest and forthcoming book in the series, Day of the Dead. It’s a Chris Gutierrez mystery, in case you wondered. There are two main characters in the NM series. K.C. Fontero stars in odd-numbered books and Chris Gutierrez stars in even-numbered books. Anyway, we’re hoping for a fall release (start looking in November) for Day of the Dead, so folks at the New Mexico gathering September 14 will be getting a sneak preview of it. 🙂

Since I’ll be releasing another installment in that series, I thought I’d re-post some interviews I did with a few of the characters.

Interview with K.C. Fontero

Interview with Chris Gutierrez

Interview with Sage Crandall

And stay tuned, cuz a cover image is coming soon.

Hope everybody is having a groovy holiday weekend. Remember what it commemorates.


Talking to Myself. Sort of.

Hey, peeps–

As some of you know, I write a mystery series based in New Mexico. You can find all the info and excerpts here on my site, if you’re so inclined. But one of the other things I do now and again is I’ll interview my characters. I’ve interviewed three from the New Mexico series.

K.C. Fontero is a sociologist and some-time college professor. She’s the main character in odd-numbered books. That is, so far, books 1 and 3 are K.C. Fontero mysteries. That would be Land of Entrapment and The Ties That Bind, respectively. Her best friend is Albuquerque Police Detective Chris Gutierrez. Chris is the main character in even-numbered books. Book 2, State of Denial, is her first and I’m hammering away at Book 4, which is titled but I have this weird superstition and I don’t release the names of the titles until I send the manuscript to the publisher. Photographer and woo-woo cowgirl/art chick Sage Crandall is K.C.’s love interest. All the characters make appearances in each other’s books, so nobody gets left out. So with all that in mind, here:

Chat with K.C. Fontero

Chat with Sage Crandall

Conversation with Chris Gutierrez

Happy reading, happy writing, happy Thursday!