Here’s whazzup!

Hi, kids!

Okay, quick update time. Some of you have been wondering WTF is going on with the follow-up to my romance novella, From the Boots Up. If you haven’t read it, well it’ll only set you back a buck ninety-nine. Hope you check it out.


Well, the follow-up is a novel-length piece (long novel), and it will be available in print and ebook, and those are two very different processes. A print version requires professional typesetting and then a bunch of times through those files to make sure everything’s going to work.

I have to make sure that all the changes I requested in the print version are made in the file I’m working off of to create ebook files (different platforms require different files), so this part of the process is also time-consuming and a bunch of detail-oriented busy-work because I don’t like to do sloppy work and I don’t like to offer sloppy products. Not to suggest that other authors do. I’m not suggesting that at all. It’s just that I have a major perfectionist streak, and I can get kind of obsessive about checking and re-checking (astrologically, this is what happens when your Moon is in Virgo LOL).

All that said, I will be doing a cover/title reveal Friday the 16th, and I’ll provide a synopsis. I’m hoping to get this pup released the first week of June. Let’s hope the stars align (with the Virgo moon) for that to happen.

Also, fellow author/editor R.G. Emanuelle and I are working on a project together and we’ll be revealing that around May 22nd. So stay tuned for that. WOOO!

And I’ve been working on short stories to include in a couple of things (I’m waiting to hear about one; if it doesn’t fly, oh, well — I’ll hopefully find another home for it). AND I’ve been working here and there on the fourth in my sci fi series. New writing has kind of taken a back seat while I deal with the follow-up to Boots, which has been quite the process. Hopefully, it won’t suck. WOOO!

All rightie, all. There’s some 411 for you.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Sweeeeeeet! šŸ˜€ Well written stories about lesbians and horses are potent! Looking forward to the next Far Seek as well. Glad you are a perfectionist; sloppiness, especially with grammar turns me off quickly, even if the story is good. Worth the wait.

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