Writer McCrankypants strikes again

ARGH. Kickity kick kick ARGH.


Hi, peeps.

I’ve been running around trying to get a print version of From the Hat Down up and operational.

It’s not working. It’s making me frustrated. REALLY frustrated.

The main issue is that the print people claim that the file I and my typesetter supplied is causing the print to be too light. You see, I ordered an ol’ skool paper proof, which means I ordered a preliminary version of the book, bound with the cover so I could see how it looks. The exterior looks fine. But the interior typeface is just too light. So I brought it up with the printer people who allegedly did some “tracking” to determine what the cause may be. Meanwhile, my typesetter checked, too. The settings in my typesetter’s file are fine. They’re where they need to be. The printer people insist they’re not (bless their hearts).

In the meantime, the book doesn’t get printed because I refuse to release a book whose type looks like it’s the 20th Xeroxed copy off another Xeroxed copy.

I spent around 15 years in publishing. My typesetter spent about 20. And my designer is still working in publishing. I met her 20 years ago at the press where we worked and at that point, she had a good 10-15 years of design experience under her belt. Ergo, we kind of know what we’re doing.

But the printer people are just not on the boat with us.

And this makes me Writer McCrankypants.

So, dear readers, at some point, I will have a print version available. For reals. But I want to make sure it’s a quality product that you will be able to read without thinking: “Damn. This typeface is so light.” Because that will make you Reader McCrankypants, and that is so totally not cool.

And yes, at some point, I will have some other e-formats available. Those issues are also contributing to my McCrankypants self. Send me some good ju-ju. Maybe the printer needs a ju-ju infusion, too. And all the e-platforms. Just massive good ju-ju everywhere. I think that will decidedly help. In the meantime, howsabout we listen to the playlist to From the Hat Down to make us feel better? Music always makes me feel a bit better.


LINK, in case this embedding freaks out again.

And here’s the playlist for From the Boots Up, just cuz.

LINK, in case the embedding flees this site.


Happy reading, happy writing. And happy Friday, all!

9 thoughts on “Writer McCrankypants strikes again

  1. That is absolutely maddening. I hope everything works out, and you are Writer McHappyPants.

    Also, is “The printer people insist they’re not (bless their hearts).” another way of you cussing at them? I like that. 😀

  2. Girl, aren’t you in ATL? “Bless yer heart” is the quintessentially Southern way of basically passively aggressively giving someone the finger without sounding like a douche doing it. Picked it up during my years in Nashville and now I’ve got lots of people in the West saying it. I’m on a mission…LOL

    • LOL! I’m in New York. I’m a huge Atlanta Braves fan though.

      I might go around work saying bless your heart to people instead of muttering to myself hehehehe. I’ll see how I can continue your mission over here 🙂

      • See, in the South, you can basically say anything you want about someone as long as you preface it or end it with “bless yer/his/her heart.” Example: “Oh, honey. You really think that’s going to happen? Bless your heart.” Or: “Oh, I know. He fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch, bless his heart.” Or: “Bless her heart, she’s a hot mess.”

        Context, though, is everything, because it can also be an expression of genuine empathy:
        “I’m so glad you’re okay after that accident. I heard you had to spend time in the hospital, bless your heart.” In other words, “I feel for you.”

        It’s a versatile construction!

      • I’ll have to keep that in mind. It will come in handy. I wonder why there isn’t a big bless your heart following over here LOL. As far as I know, that is.

  3. Sit down relax have a beer or a glass of wine. I am waiting for the print copy myself. Although I am loving that little thing on my Kindle that says buy now, I am so very happy I’ve already read FROM THE HAT DOWN. It is a fantastic read, so all those still waiting, be patient people it will be worth the wait.

  4. Loved the new book so much that I read it twice and loved just as much the second time around! Great read! Sending you lots of positive ju-ju from Santa Fe! Any chance you could make Meg and Gina’s story into your own version of “All Things Great And Wonderful”??? Loved it keep writing them :-)))!!!

  5. Thank you so much, Donna! And thank you, Mirtha! So glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully I’ll have a print version ready to go in the next few weeks. It’s still making me McCrankypants, but I want it to be a decent, quality product! 😀

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