The Secret’s out!

Hey, peeps! GUESS WHAT????

You can now buy my latest short (for me) novel, The Secret of Sleepy Hollow!

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Where can you buy this, you ask?

EXCLUSIVELY at Ylva Publishing. And then it’ll spread like a fungus (or something) to even more sites next week. But for now,


There’s even an excerpt over there.

What’s it about, you ask before you go flinging over to Ylva. WELL! Here’s the handy synopsis:

Tabitha “Abby” Crane, a doctoral student working on her thesis, doesn’t allow herself much time outside academia. Fortunately, she’s managed to squeeze in a research trip over Halloween weekend to the historical society of Sleepy Hollow, New York, where she hopes to uncover new research on the notorious town’s most infamous legend—that of the headless horseman. But she has a personal stake in this trip: Abby’s own ancestor, Ichabod Crane, disappeared mysteriously over two hundred years ago, perhaps at the hands of the ghostly horseman.

Abby has no reason to expect anything of Sleepy Hollow beyond immersing herself in archival collections and enjoying its Halloween festivities, but then she crosses paths with Katie, who makes her head spin and her heart pound. When Katie invites her on a nighttime visit to the glen where the horseman allegedly rides, Abby can’t say no, upending her plans for a quiet research retreat. And when Abby and Katie, who has her own ties to the famous story, find what may be the key to the disappearance of Ichabod Crane all those years ago, love, legend, and magic intermingle, making clear that Sleepy Hollow has plans of its own for yet another Crane.

Want to know a little more? Awesome. I was interviewed at HEA USAToday about this very book. GO SEE.

Need more convincing? Here I am yakking with colleague Jove Belle about it, and doing a reading.

(Linkie, in case SoundCloud decides to hate on us.)

ANYWAY! Hope you enjoy this latest demonstration of my crazy and regardless of what you’re reading or who,

Happy reading, happy writing, happy Friday!

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