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My latest book is a longish novella called If Looks Could Kill and it is due out in August, but ARCs are available NOW.

If you’re interested in receiving an ARC — an advanced reading copy — which means you need to write a review, too — NOW is the time to sign up.

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If Looks Could Kill — The Law Game Book 5


If Looks Could Kill

Eleanor “Ellie” O’Donnell is part of a special investigative unit within the New York City Police Department. Her latest assignment has her tasked with uncovering the relationship between internationally known fashion mogul and all-around ice queen Marya Hampstead and a local Russian crime family. As legendary for her business acumen and beauty as her uncompromising and unapproachable personality, Marya Hampstead is not a woman to cross.

Unfortunately for Ellie, the only way she can get close enough to conduct her investigation is by pretending to be an aspiring designer who takes an internship at Hampstead’s company. Definitely out of her element, Ellie has to put all her acting and investigative skills to work as she delves into what at first seems a simple case of occasional public outings with a man whose family has ties Hampstead might not know about.

But when Marya’s father, an international businessman, shows up in New York, it becomes clear that something else is going on, and that there’s much more to Marya Hampstead than meets the eye. The question is, how much more and how deep is Ellie willing to go to find out?

In the fast-paced world of clothes, critics, and competition, Ellie uncovers a lot more than runway gossip, including secrets that will kill far more than a bad outfit.

Books in the Law Game Series

ONE: Requiem for Immortals, by Lee Winter
TWO: Archer Securities, by Jove Belle
THREE: Daughter of Baal, by Gill McKnight
FOUR: Evolution of an Art Thief, by Jessie Chandler
FIVE: If Looks Could Kill, by Andi Marquette


I’m glad you asked! Here’s the deal.

  • ARCs are proof copies. So if you find any technical errors while you’re reading along (e.g. missing punctuation or an extra word), please let me know, and thanks!
  • ARCs are typically sent directly to your Kindle. That allows me to keep track of what I send to who. ARCs are fun to give out, but I have to manage them appropriately. So it’s oh, so helpful if you have a Kindle address, too.
  • Ideally, it would be so awesome for reviews to go up on Amazon on release day, so please shoot for that. Goodreads should be available before that, and you can leave a review there at any time.
  • Please be honest in your reviews. Hey, I dig 5-star reviews as much as the next author, but the last thing I want is for someone to feel obligated to do that just because she received an ARC.

So if this is something you’d like to get in on, SIGN UP HERE and THANKS!

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ARCs are typically sent directly to your Kindle, and it helps me out to do that. If you have a Kindle but you don’t know what your Kindle address is, hit THIS LINK. It walks you through finding it. You’ll also need to make sure I’m an approved contact. You will find the instructions about how to do that at that link. Trust me. It’s not as scary as it sounds. 🙂

Here’s my email address to add me to your approved contact list:
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So if you have a Kindle address and you know it, you can just add it on that sign-up form. If you don’t have one, that’s fine. Fill out the form anyway and I’ll get you hooked up.

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ORDER UP BLOG TOUR with N.R. Dunham!

Hey, all!

Like I said. I went crazy over here on my blog with various authors who have stories in the just-released anthology Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance & Erotica, edited by yers truly and R.G. Emanuelle.


Today, we are joined by N.R. Dunham, who will share with you some background about her story, “A Twist of France.” She’s also included an excerpt, so dive right in and get you some. 🙂

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My latest novel is a Christmas and New Year romance

Hi, peeps!

I know. I just released a novel prior to Halloween (that one had sort of a Halloween-ish flavor; find it HERE).

So WTF is this? ANOTHER novel? ERMAHGERD, yes. I went a little crazy this year in terms of writing and ended up with 2 novels coming out toward the end of the year. Both ended up on the Ylva imprint “Twice Told Tales,” which are basically reboots of classic tales with ::ahem:: lesbian flay-vuh, if you will.

My latest is called The Bureau of Holiday Affairs and as you’ll see from the synopsis, it’s a take-off on Charles Dickens’ classic novella A Christmas Carol, published in December, 1843.

The-Bureau-of-Holiday-Affairs-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

Executive Robin Preston has dedicated her life to climbing the corporate ladder, using whatever means necessary. In the shark-infested culture at Frost Enterprises, anything goes, and Robin is a master at the game.

On the verge of a major promotion, Robin receives a strange visit from Agent Elizabeth Tolson of the Bureau of Holiday Affairs, who informs Robin that, though Robin may be a lost cause, the Bureau has scheduled her for intervention. Robin will receive three visitors in the two weeks before Christmas, who will escort her on visits to her past, present, and future.

Robin will be forced to face not only who she’s become, but the parts of herself she left behind, when she was an art major in college and in love with fellow art student Jill Chen, in whom Robin found a kindred spirit—until Jill broke if off with her. In order for Robin to change her ways, she’ll need to reclaim who she was and open her heart again, to a past she thought she left behind.

The Bureau clearly has its work cut out for it, but Agent Tolson relishes a challenge, and she’s put together just the team for Robin’s case. They may have to cut a few corners and go outside a few lines, but Agent Tolson has a perfect salvage record and she’s not about to let that change. The question is, will Robin?

Guess you’ll have to read it to find out, huh? Heh. Anyway, why did I choose to do a reboot of this classic tale?

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The Secret’s out!

Hey, peeps! GUESS WHAT????

You can now buy my latest short (for me) novel, The Secret of Sleepy Hollow!

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.47.29 AM

Where can you buy this, you ask?

EXCLUSIVELY at Ylva Publishing. And then it’ll spread like a fungus (or something) to even more sites next week. But for now,


There’s even an excerpt over there.

What’s it about, you ask before you go flinging over to Ylva. WELL! Here’s the handy synopsis:

Tabitha “Abby” Crane, a doctoral student working on her thesis, doesn’t allow herself much time outside academia. Fortunately, she’s managed to squeeze in a research trip over Halloween weekend to the historical society of Sleepy Hollow, New York, where she hopes to uncover new research on the notorious town’s most infamous legend—that of the headless horseman. But she has a personal stake in this trip: Abby’s own ancestor, Ichabod Crane, disappeared mysteriously over two hundred years ago, perhaps at the hands of the ghostly horseman.

Abby has no reason to expect anything of Sleepy Hollow beyond immersing herself in archival collections and enjoying its Halloween festivities, but then she crosses paths with Katie, who makes her head spin and her heart pound. When Katie invites her on a nighttime visit to the glen where the horseman allegedly rides, Abby can’t say no, upending her plans for a quiet research retreat. And when Abby and Katie, who has her own ties to the famous story, find what may be the key to the disappearance of Ichabod Crane all those years ago, love, legend, and magic intermingle, making clear that Sleepy Hollow has plans of its own for yet another Crane.

Want to know a little more? Awesome. I was interviewed at HEA USAToday about this very book. GO SEE.

Need more convincing? Here I am yakking with colleague Jove Belle about it, and doing a reading.

(Linkie, in case SoundCloud decides to hate on us.)

ANYWAY! Hope you enjoy this latest demonstration of my crazy and regardless of what you’re reading or who,

Happy reading, happy writing, happy Friday!

Dig in to “All You Can Eat”!

Hey, kids!

Well, WOOO HOOOOOO! The anthology that I co-edited with fellow author and editor R.G. Emanuelle is officially available as an ebook at Kindle. Other ebook types are busily populating across the interwebz and there will be a print version available in the next couple of weeks or so. AllYouCanEat-600x914

Here’s the Table of Contents for your viewing pleasure:



“Fresh Fruit” by Ashley Bartlett
“The Luscious Tarte Aux Fraises” by Historia
“Whining and Dining” by Jae
“Burn” by Rebekah Weatherspoon


“Tomato Lady” by Cheyenne Blue
“East Meets West” by Karis Walsh
“Dessert Platter” by Victoria Oldham
“Appetizing” by Cheri Crystal
“Sugar and ’Shine” by Andi Marquette


“Vanilla Extract” by Jove Belle
“Smorgasbord” by R.G. Emanuelle
“Crème Brûlée” by Sacchi Green
“Turn the Tables” by Yvonne Heidt

Whew. I’m pretty excited about this one. Really glad it’s making its debut. We’ll let you know as other formats become available and when the print’s ready to go.

Happy Friday!

From the Boots Up is now available on Kindle

And…we’re off, people!

Amazon was kind of awesome last night and got my latest novella loaded pretty quickly. Thanks, Amazon! That would be From the Boots Up, and you can go see what’s up with it at the handy-dandy linkie below:

From the Boots Up on Kindle

I’m always excited about new releases, but I’m also kind of angst-ridden. I blogged about that over at Women and Words yesterday, if you want to get inside a writer’s brain when it comes to new releases and writer angst (speaking for myself). But I am really stoked about this release. I’ve spent a long time with these characters, and I’m hoping you enjoy their company as much as I have.

From the Boots Up WEBSITE USE
[cover by Melody Simmons]

Happy Saturday!