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My peeps, you can now get The Bureau of Holiday Affairs in ebook at Ylva Publishing! THIS IS THE LINK. FOR REALZ. CLICK IT. (if you want to)

I know. Some of you are way too gung-ho over the holiday thang and you’re probably going to rush right out and read it before December. Hey, that’s cool. If that’s what pleases your peppermint, you go right on with your bad selves. Hope you dig it!

The-Bureau-of-Holiday-Affairs-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

Here’s what it’s about:
Executive Robin Preston has dedicated her life to climbing the corporate ladder, using whatever means necessary. In the shark-infested culture at Frost Enterprises, anything goes, and Robin is a master at the game.

On the verge of a major promotion, Robin receives a strange visit from Agent Elizabeth Tolson of the Bureau of Holiday Affairs, who informs Robin that, though Robin may be a lost cause, the Bureau has scheduled her for intervention. Robin will receive three visitors in the two weeks before Christmas, who will escort her on visits to her past, present, and future.

Robin will be forced to face not only who she’s become, but the parts of herself she left behind, when she was an art major in college and in love with fellow art student Jill Chen, in whom Robin found a kindred spirit—until Jill broke if off with her. In order for Robin to change her ways, she’ll need to reclaim who she was and open her heart again, to a past she thought she left behind.

The Bureau clearly has its work cut out for it, but Agent Tolson relishes a challenge, and she’s put together just the team for Robin’s case. They may have to cut a few corners and go outside a few lines, but Agent Tolson has a perfect salvage record and she’s not about to let that change. The question is, will Robin?

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And don’t worry, I’ll be giving other copies away, too. You never know when I’m going to send a merry elf your way, so be on the lookout. Cuz I like sharing the luuuuuv! 😀

Happy Wednesday! Oh, and don’t forget it’s Veterans Day. Keep ’em in your thoughts.

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