And then all of a sudden I had holiday spirit…

Hi, peeps!

Y’know, I’m not much of an end-of-the-year holiday type. I don’t generally decorate (I have red chile pepper lights up year-round), and I tend to focus on not getting caught up in the rampant consumerism of this time of year.

And I’m generally uneasy this time of year, because it’s a tough time for a lot of people, and it does push a lot of my buttons in that regard. So I’ve made some conscious choices about how I engage with this time of year.

To that end I spend a lot of time focusing on community and family ties and on donating time and energy (sometimes money) to try to spread holiday cheer, like through the Hootenanny at Women and Words, which is a 12-day book giveaway extravaganza that we hold over there every December (in case you’re interested, here’s info on last year’s)

Dozens of books and authors, lots of publishers…we get crazy over there giving books away and hanging out with the merry elves. I love that, because it’s totally festive and everybody gets involved to give books away and it spreads the luv all over the place. Buckets of awesome.

So that always gives me holiday cheer, and I guess I’m finding extra special meaning in the season this time, after a year of terrible, tragic events, some of which hit closer to home than others.

And I guess I’m digging deeper this year to nurture myself, my family and friends, and my communities, because it brings me comfort and joy, and y’know what? I like those feelings.

But also this year, I did something I’ve never done.

I wrote a holiday novel. A whole freakin’ novel that’s all about this time of year. It’s a reboot of a classic Christmas tale, with romance and snark and fun and serious stuff and, hopefully, redemption. And you know what?

It made me feel better about this time of year. And all of a sudden I’ve been watching holiday movies on the Hallmark channel. And I went to the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall and OMG it was awesome. I’ve even been singing traditional and nontraditional holiday songs. OUT LOUD. For reals!

So, yeah. I found a little bit of magic this year. And I love it.

Hope you, too, are able to find a bit and if you need some cheering up or just want some happy fun times, come on down to the Women and Words Hootenanny. We’re cranking up December 12th. Hope to see you there.

Happy Saturday. Or whatever day it is for you!

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4 thoughts on “And then all of a sudden I had holiday spirit…

  1. I kind of agree, but I do love Thanksgiving because that holiday is about family and being grateful. Italians love food, so what better way to get family together….

  2. Hi! So glad to know that a wee bit of Christmas magic has found its way to you. After yesterday’s craziness here in my town, I was wondering how I would feel when I got up this morning. Happy to report that I woke up with my favorite Christmas carol running around in my head. Decided that I’m not going to let that jerk take my Christmas happiness from me. While the city is in mourning for the three who lost their lives yesterday, I know the Christmas spirit will prevail. We will keep them and their families in our thoughts for sure. Enjoy the season and keep a piece of the magic in your heart. ps I’m glad I’m not the only one who watches those sappy Christmas movies on Hallmark!

  3. I’m going to sit down with Lily and her friends and have a care-package making party. We’ll put together a bunch of stuff for people in need and then hand them out.

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