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So award-winning author Cheri Crystal stopped by my place to get in on the Order Up anthology fun-ness. She’s busy traipsing around France right now, so let’s all feel a pang of sadness for her…NOT! Let’s all wish her safe travels and hope that she’s having a blast. Which, from her Facebook posts, she is.

Before we get into Cheri’s story and excerpt, I’d like to take a moment to hold in comfort all who lost loved ones in Orlando yesterday and on Saturday. May we find our way out of this somehow, and may we not lose sight of who we are, as members of all the communities in which we live, love, and work.

Thank you.

And now, let’s get into Cheri Crystal’s blog. Welcome, Cheri, and thanks for joining us on this here tour. In honor of your stopping by,

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OMG I love blog tours…

In Cheri’s story, “Clinch It with Coleslaw,” a woman and her two young children spend the summer in a cabin in a place that includes summer camp for kids. Their neighbor is another woman — this one a caterer, who’s there with her older kids. Let’s just say sparks fly between these two women, and so do summer recipes for love.

Take it away, Cheri!
Clinch It with Coleslaw
by Cheri Crystal

I am a registered dietitian who has loved food since cutting her first tooth. Advising other people about altering their dietary habits, however, is challenging. For the most part, people have two aims in life – food and sex. Try restricting either of those and see how long you’d last before giving in to temptation. In fact, for many of us we want nothing more than to go out to dinner and get laid. So it follows that writing about food and sex in one story is a teaser from the devil himself.

Aerial view of Cheri's awesome coleslaw
Aerial view of Cheri’s awesome coleslaw

“Clinch It with Coleslaw” came to life because coleslaw is something I would recommend to people who don’t like vegetables. Cabbage and carrots are surprisingly healthy, yet still delicious. There are not many vegetables that crunch their way into that category. Coleslaw is also a food that reminds us of summer days when we are feeling good about ourselves, getting into shape, feeling horny and looking for a new sexual encounter. This recipe, thus, came from an adaptation of my mother’s secret recipe, and it seems to have inspired some fireworks between the two women in this story. I hope you enjoy the coleslaw and the encounters it inspired and that it inspires you, as well, to spend time outside this summer.


Barbeques and homemade coleslaw are my claim to fame. Convenience items don’t use much room. Besides, I shop often rather than stock up,” Viv said.

“There’s nothing wrong with that.” Steph held her gaze. “I think I need to taste your coleslaw.”

Another strange wave of heat hit Viv’s midsection. “It’s easy to make,” she managed.

“If the cabbage is crispy and the dressing is creamy and subtly sweet with a tangy bite, then it’s right up my alley. I’d love to see how yours measures up.” Steph grinned again, and Viv almost forgot to breathe.

“Oh,” she managed. “You would?”

“We should have each other over for dinner.”

“That would be nice, but can I have you first? Otherwise, I’ll suffer professional anxiety if I have to follow a professional caterer.”

Steph chuckled. “Don’t underestimate yourself. I’m sure I’ll love whatever you serve.”

“I can take some food now if you want. No need to buy ice — the closest grocery store often runs out, unless you want to drive a ways to the superstore.”

“Perfect.” Steph gathered meats and homemade food in jars and plastic containers, filling a few shopping bags. “If you don’t mind taking these –” she handed them to Viv. “I’ll carry the rest. Lead on.” Steph waited for Viv to go, then followed close behind, and Viv tried not to think about Steph watching her walk, but it was impossible. She hoped she didn’t trip. She paid extra attention to her feet, acutely aware of the elastic of her panties riding up her crotch, and the moisture between her thighs.

“This place is cute,” Steph said as they entered Viv’s house. “You’ve updated your appliances, too. Sweet.”

“Would you like a tour?”

“Love one.”

Viv obliged, but each time Steph’s arm brushed hers, chills raced along her skin and stirred things at her core. She had never been this turned on before by anyone … and certainly not by a woman, though she wasn’t completely inexperienced in that regard . …

“Your wallpaper is nice. Cozy and bright,” Steph said. …

“Thanks,” Viv said, glad for the new topic as they returned to the kitchen.

“Are you staying all summer?” Steph lifted an eyebrow. She moistened her lips, and her eyes seemed to undress Viv. Or maybe she was imagining it.


“Lucky me, then.”
Hmm…will Viv’s coleslaw bring Steph in even closer? Will it cement a hot date? Guess you’d better read it and find out! You can do that by winning a copy here or buying one at the links below.

Cheri Crystal is a healthcare professional by day and writes erotic romances by night. She was born and raised in New York and lives in the United Kingdom with her wife. Cheri began writing fiction in 2003 after reviewing for Lambda Book Report, Just About Write, Independent Gay Writer and other e-zines. She is the author of Attractions of the Heart, a 2010 Golden Crown Literary Winner for lesbian erotica. Many of her short stories appear in anthologies and on Across the Pond, published by Ylva publishing, is her first novel. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, hiking, viewing wildlife, cooking, jigsaw puzzles and spending quality time with family and friends.

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