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DARLINGS! It’s outta control up in here on this site. OUTTA CONTROL. We had Rebekah Weatherspoon, Jaye Markham, and now we’re having Emma Weimann!

I freaking love having all these people hanging out with me. Today we’ve got Emma Weimann, who scored a Goldie for her first novel, Heart’s Surrender.

Here, however, she’s got a story in Order Up: A Menu of Lesbian Romance & Erotica.


In “Something Salty, Something Sweet,” Emma tells the story of two women who have been together a while but still find and make time for each other.

So I’ll turn it over to her, now, and let her serve you some delicious-ness.

“Something Salty, Something Sweet”
By Emma Weiman

New England, Summer 2001
Vera Young sighed and wiggled her toes. A whirlpoos was one of the inest inventions ever, especially if situated outside and far, far away from prying human eyes.
She enjoyed how the water’s warmth seeped into her bones and made her drowsy. Finding time to take a break was a luxury in her life, since there was no doubt she was an adrenaline junky. Being a partner in an international law firm was something she enjoyed but ever since meeting Maddy her priorities had slightly shifted. Work wasn’t everything anymore.

Maddy, whose legs were longer than Route 66 and whose tonge was sharper than the kitchen knives she used as a chef. Maddy, who had brought new joy and meaning in Vera’s life. Maddy, who had planned something special for the first evening of their vacation.

Yes, life was good.
Dressed in blue jeans, a dark blue button-down shirt, and moccasins, Maddy looked as comfortable in her skin as any human being possibly cold. She had aged more than well, and nobody guessed her to be in her mid-fifties. Maddy’s gray hair accentuated light blue eyes that always reminded Vera of a perfect summer sky.

“It’s time. You can come…inside,” she said with a teasing smile, holding out a fluffy bathrobe and a towel.

A tingle raced through Vera. She knew that smile. It was a promise that made her dash out of a whirlpool and nearly fall over her own feet. “I’m really looking forward to see what my personal chef has come up with.”

“It’s only going to be a secret for a few more moments.” Maddy began to move the towel over Vera’s back, her arms, her breasts, making her skin tingle and her insides melt.

Something warm unfurled in her belly and bloomed and spread between her thighs. “You’re getting me all wet.” Vera’s voice sounded rough to her own ears.

“No, I’m helping you get dry.”

“That is only true for certain parts of my body.” She took the towel out of her lover’s hands. As much as she enjoyed this…”If you don’t stop we may not eat at all.” She was hungry — for both sex and food. “Something makes me think that I need to stock up on energy.”

“You may be right.” Maddy’s smile bordered on evil. “But we’ll have a light dinner. Sex on a full stomach is no fun.”

Vera sucked in a brath. “We’ll have sex.” In the most possible dramatic way she put a hand over her heart. “Oh my.”

“Only if you want to.”

“If we must, we must.” With a laugh, Vera put on the bathrobe.

They entered the cabin together, holding hands.

A whiff of something that smelled of herbs drifted through the air. Vera frowned. The dinner table in the living room was empty, except for the colorful flowers they had picked this afternoon. There were no candles, no soft music playing. Everything looked exactly as it had earlier.

“I want this evening to be something very special foryou.” There was a slight nervousness in Maddy’s voice. She turned towards vera, never breaking the physical connection between them. “And we’ll start in the kitchen.”

“You’re so mysterious.”

She chuckled. “I try my best.”

Following Maddy into the kitchen, Vera breathed in the wonderful aromas. A bottle of white wine stood on the well-worn wooden table. Both glasses were already filled. But neither cutlery nor plates were in sight. This was really not at all what Vera had expected.

“Please sit down.”

She didn’t need to be asked twice, her stomach growling in anticipation. Maddy was an awesome chef.

“Not on the chair.”

“But –”

“On the counter.”

Vera stared at the counter. It had a stone top and surely would be an uncomfortable, cold place to sit.

“I adore you.” Maddy stepped behind Vera and kissed her neck. “And tonight I want to pamper you…and turn you on at the same time.”

Well. I’d say that’s a good start, yes? What could Maddy POSSIBLY have in store for Vera? Hmmm. Guess you’ll have to read it to find out. 😀

Yesterday, we were joined by Jaye Markham and tomorrow, N.R. Dunham will stop by RIGHT HERE at Andi’s site.

Emma Weimann knew at an early age that she wanted to make a living as a writer. She knew exactly how and where she wanted to write the books that would pay for her house at the beach and the desk with a view of the ocean.

Even though she has had those dreams for over thirty years now, neither the house nor the desk exist. Not yet. But she’s making a living producing books, not just as a writer but also as a publisher, establishing Ylva Verlag and its international pendant, Ylva Publishing, in 2011 and 2012.

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