You can choose to be childless

Hi, friends. Some thoughts.

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Hi, all–

Just putting in some thoughts even as Women and Words winds down to its hiatus (which begins June 1, ICYMI).

I read an essay today on Feminist Giant by Mona Eltahawy titled Essay: Unmothering.” Eltahawy is a feminist author and speaker.

It starts thus:

I am childfree by choice.

My maternal grandmother had 11 children. My mother is the eldest of those children and she has three children of her own. I am the eldest of those children and I am glad to have none of my own.

It is still a taboo to say that.

She continues, discussing her realization that she didn’t want kids and that she never wanted them. And I think about all the ciswomen out there who have been pressured or felt pressured to reproduce. Eltahawy did marry a guy, but divorced a couple years later:

If marrying him was the biggest…

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One thought on “You can choose to be childless

  1. Hi, I have never wanted children, not since I was a child myself. Never having children, never getting married. This is my choice and I’ve stuck by it. To have someone dependent on me for 18yrs or more, no thanks. I’m now at that age when I can’t have children, thank god. When I was 16 I asked my doctor if I could have my tubes tied or be made sterile. Obviously he wouldn’t do that. Now I can’t wait till retirement and making arrangements for my death, so nobody has to do anything it will all be sorted and paid for. I firmly believe children are a choice and sometimes woman think having children is easy, when actually it’s not. Regards Mandy Hamilton Winger

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