Get Preppin’! National Preparedness Month

Okay, so September is National Preparedness Month. This year is the ninth one. That link will take you to the CDC site and all kinds of handy tips (and yeah, some of the scenarios might creep you out). I’m sure apocalyptos and survivalists everywhere are scoffing, because they are ALWAYS prepared, and probably have bug-out bags stashed all over the country.

But if you’re NOT one of those, and you think they’re nutty and a little too far into conspiracy theory echo chambers, consider this: natural disasters can create scary situations, and they can affect you anywhere in this country. Whether it’s a hurricane, a tornado, a flood, a wildfire, a blizzard — whatever — being prepared to deal with it can, at the very least, make living, say, without power manageable and reasonably safe, or it could save your life.

It’s not that hard to have some basics stashed around the house for hunkerin’ if you’re able to remain in your home, and it’s not that hard to make sure you’ve got bug-out bags prepared for you, family members, and family pets. The CDC link above that I provided has some good tips about what those basics are and what you need to be thinking about in terms of time. That is, how much for how long. That’s key to preparedness. Have a plan. Think about who all is going to be sharing your space if you’re hunkerin’, because that will determine things like how much water and food to have around for a set period of time. The CDC recommends you have at least 3 days’ worth of food and water, and to think about having 2 weeks’ worth.

In terms of that plan, and especially if you have kids, it’s a good idea to touch base with schools to find out what kinds of plans they have in event of a disaster, and the “shelter-in-place” deal. Find out what your community leaders would do in that scenario. It’s also a good idea to have some supplies stashed at work. Again, the CDC site linked above has some super-good info.

Basically, disaster (or whatever) preparedness involves asking “what if?” What if regular honeybees hanging out at Three Mile Island suddenly mutate into GIANT RAGING BUZZFARMS OF DEATH and knock out the power grid to the eastern seaboard? Or what if some weird virus infects the brains of squirrels nationwide and they RAMPAGE DOWN MAIN STREET in Anytown, USA, hordes of furry death and destruction? Or, more realistically, what if you’re in the path of a hurricane? What would you do to prepare? What scenarios could you envision happening during something like that, whether you evacuate or hunker?

While you ponder those scenarios, here are some other links for more info about National Preparedness Month as well as some other sites that might prove helpful.

Office(s) of Emergency Management. Check with your local OEM. Here’s Denver’s as an example. It’s a good idea to check the OEM sites regularly to find out what’s going on in your communities with regard to emergencies.

EDEN (Extension Disaster Education Network), Louisiana State University

CitizenCorps, with some preparedness webinars

Bug-out bag tips, from Survival Cache.

Frugal Dad has some cool tips for a bug-out bag.

Zombie Squad offers tips on different types of bug-out bags, too. (and no, I am not pulling your leg. Hit the link.) And here they are with the Personal Survival Kit. Here’s some bug-out gear from them.

And please, do remember that many folks are still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Isaac. You can help. Text 90999 to give $10 to the American Red Cross. Or find them online HERE. If you’re on Twitter, check the hashtag #nolahelp for info on how to donate and/or volunteer. Also, many are still dealing with the effects of the wildfire season out West. So your donations to the Red Cross will help there, too. Thanks.

All rightie. So maybe spend some time this September thinking about preparedness. And do get your family and friends involved too. Create scenarios! Involve the kids! PREPPING CAN BE FUN! 😀

Happy Tuesday!

Gear. Up.

Hi, kids–

We haven’t had a chat about the apocalypse (whichever one you want to deal with), so I thought I’d help you out yet again. Make sure you read all my helpful tips BEFORE the apocalypse, since AFTER, most likely we aren’t going to have electricity and thus, no interwebs access.

And I’m just weird enough to share this luv with you and get you all prepared for running away from zombies. Or hordes of scary survivors. Maybe both.

So let’s chat about the ultimate nomadic accessory. Backpacks.

Carry on…

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Drama at the end of the world

Hey, kids–

Have you been watching the continued second season of AMC’s Walking Dead?

That is some serious drama. It’s not just about zombies and avoiding them. It’s about negotiating and creating new social and cultural rules in a world that no longer has any. Humans are a remarkably drama-laden species and sure enough, we’re bound to bring that into the post-apocalyptic landscape. In crisis situations, I think the true essence of people starts to emerge and adjust to the new conditions. Issues that we had prior to the apocalypse might be exacerbated, which might also create problems if we try to make a go of it in a group situation.

But as I’ve noted in many of my end of the world spiels, other surviving humans are probably going to be the worst thing to deal with. No rules means your life isn’t worth the energy it takes to work up a spit, so don’t rely on appealing to anybody’s higher angels. You are a potential threat to their limited resources, a potential threat to their safety, and a potential threat to the delicate dynamic they’ve already worked out with whatever group (or not) they’re running with. So do no expect help from other survivors. Chances are, you won’t get it. And the longer a post-apocalyptic situation goes on, the more likely that survivors will continue to descend into more feral behaviors.

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When an apocalypse hits…

where will you be?

Hi, folks–

Here we are on zombie and/or apocalypse Saturdays. First, tomorrow is the next episode of AMC’s Walking Dead, which has been on mid-season hiatus until now. So if you’ve been following that, there you go. I’m already getting my therapy lined up…

Second, Tuesdays, the National Geographic channel is airing a program called “Doomsday Preppers.” It’s exactly what it says it is. Each hour features about 20 minute segments with a different person or people preparing for an apocalypse. The form that apocalypse takes (e.g. financial, grid collapse, natural disaster) depends on the people. So you get, say, 3 people an hour who are serious apocalypse preppers. Then the NatGeo crew provides some feedback to each prepper, and offers suggestions (if necessary) to improve their prep. Then the commentator tells you, the audience, what the actual chances are that an apocalypse like the one the people are prepping for will actually happen.

The website (link above) offers a breakdown of the episodes, tips from preppers, and bios of the various preppers. Kind of interesting, if that’s your thing. I rather enjoyed it.

And third, author Julianna Baggott has released Pure, the first in her post-apocalyptic series. It’s getting rave reviews and she has an excerpt posted on her website. Seriously. Check this out. Click HERE for those opening pages.

Wow. Lyrical, tactile, narrative gold. Do yourselves a favor and pick this one up. It’s been optioned for film rights. Personally, I think the book’s vision will be ever Pure-er than any movie could make it, but I’m sure the visual impact of the movie will be pretty darn amazing. 😀

There you go. Some doomsday stuff for you to consider and enjoy, if you’re weird like me.

Happy reading, happy writing, happy watching!

Portland has all the cool stuff

SRSLY? Zombie apocalypse training? Are you freaking kidding me???

No, I am not. Portland is offering seminars.

Here’s the link, for reals.

There’s a vid at the link, too.

And once you get that training, Portland is the perfect place to write something about it!

The city sports the Attic Institute, a creative awesome-spot for writers.

The Willamette Writers.

And cool writers’ conferences like this one. And this one. And go here for even more listings.

So for those of you there, I’m a tad envious. Let me know how the zombie apocalypse training goes.

Zombies, baby. Be prepared!

Hi, folks. OMG it is that time of year again. I blogged about it yesterday. Catch it here.

I am so going to a costume party tonight. I hope all of you are, as well and I hope you all dress up and have a freakin’ BLAST.

In the meantime, someone passed this link along to me, and I was woefully unaware of this site. ZOMBIESQUAD! WOOOOO! You can catch them at this link. The team bills themselves thus:

Zombie Squad is an elite zombie suppression task force ready to defend your neighborhood from the shambling hordes of the walking dead. We provide trained, motivated, skilled zombie extermination professionals and zombie survival consultants. Our people and our training are the best in the industry.

But they point out that when there aren’t hordes of the living dead filling city streets, they do this:

When the zombie removal business is slow we focus our efforts towards educating ourselves and our community about the importance of disaster preparation. If you are prepared for zombies, you’re prepared for anything.

To satisfy this goal we host disaster relief charity fundraisers, disaster preparation seminars and volunteer our time towards emergency response agencies.

You, too, can get involved. Go to the website (and the groovy link I provided above) and click on “chapters.” You’ll see it on the left-hand side of the page. It’s a philanthropic, educational organization with a great sense of the macabre. And who DOESN’T want to be prepared for a zombie outbreak? I ask you! Who doesn’t? They’re taking applications for membership now, so if you’re interested, check it out. Learn how to survive an outbreak, and also how to be just prepared in general for disasters, whether natural or unnatural. and learn how to do community work around those issues.


All rightie! Happy Saturday, and happy hallow-days!