Groovy Movie Tips: it’s a conspiracy!

Hi, kids–

Sometimes I post about movies that I see that I think are interesting for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re older movies that have come up again for whatever reasons and I pass that info along. Today is such an occasion.

A bit of background — I’ve been thinking recently about conspiracy theories and how they can be fun, yes, but they can also prove immensely damaging to individual, community, and even national psyches. I’m not suggesting there aren’t sometimes forces at work behind the scenes, or that government is always on the up-and-up. Certainly, there are plenty of cases to be made that demonstrate otherwise, so conspiracy theories have been around throughout recorded history.

However, conspiracy theorizing can put you in an echo chamber of more and more conspiracies, until everything you see and hear is part of some kind of conspiracy, and you’re unable to discern what is correct information and what’s not. The interwebs have allowed, I think, a massive increase in the spread of conspiracy theories, which is one of the downsides of it. It becomes difficult to tell what sites are disseminating truly useful and fact-based information and what sites are drawing exclusively from conspiracy theories. And it allows anybody with a keyboard to set him- or herself up as expert of something, whether it’s the FEMA camps that will soon hold us all prisoner; the black helicopters; fluoride in the water; birth certificates; bin Laden’s not really dead; vaccinations are a form of mind control; national ID systems will allow the government to put a microchip in your head; they’re all out to get you; and on and on like that.

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Pride and Prejudice and ZOMBIES!

Okay, it’s not a zombie apocalypse tip. It’s OMG a movie based on the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

THE REMIX of the classic Jane Austen novel, by Seth Grahame-Smith.


Here’s the scoop on the movie, with director Craig Gillespie (Fright Night remake dude).

If you haven’t read this remix of the classic Austen novel, give it a whirl. It’s delightfully twisted, silly, macabre, fun, and kick-ass. You’ll see what I mean by that if you read it. OR you can even read it in graphic novel!

Anyway, this movie venture thingie could be a lot of fun. Victorian zombies. Awesome. So…I don’t know. Dare I say steampunkish, maybe?

Happy reading, happy writing!

End of an Era: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor died this morning of complications from congestive heart failure.

She was a classy, elegant woman who worked tirelessly outside her screen career to humanize the plight of AIDS sufferers.

See her here, in A Place in the Sun

Trailer, Cleopatra:

Check her acting chops in this scene from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Slide show from the fashion section of the New York Post available here.

Reactions to her death.

Most iconic screen moments.

The many lives and roles of Elizabeth Taylor.

Her work as a tireless activist.

God speed, Ms. Taylor. You will be missed.