Forthcoming novel

Hiya, kids!

So today I am announcing a forthcoming novel. For those of you who have read the novella From the Boots Up, this here novel is what happens next. 😀

If all things go well (the stars align, the deities smile upon us, Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise), it should be ready for public consumption the first week of June, print and ebook. Most likely Kindle for the latter at first, though I’m trying to get files ready for other platforms and hopefully, mid-June will see those.

Sound groovy?

Okay. Drum roll, please.


I give you…

cover by Sue Niewiarowski, n-design

Meg Tallmadge is a veterinarian at a clinic in Laramie, Wyoming. She’s got a great job, great friends, deep ties to the family ranch, and big plans for her vet future. Sure, there are bumps in the road, like her mom’s continued denial about who Meg is and her painful and infuriating attempts to make Meg a “proper” woman. Then there’s Meg’s recent breakup with a girlfriend, which has her wondering why she can’t seem to open up to relationships. But Meg knows that life is messy, and sometimes all you can do is get through and shake it off. What she can’t seem to shake off, however, is her past.

It’s been almost ten years to the day since she met the love of her life, and about eight since she let her go. Meg has a hard time admitting that maybe she didn’t really let go, and that maybe some things you never really get over, no matter how hard you try. But her past is half a world away, caught up in her own life, relationship, and journalism career, and Meg isn’t one to chase the ghosts of past relationships. Even if they send you a birthday card and nudge what you thought were the closed-off parts of your heart. After all, second chances are the stuff of fantasies and movies where the good guy always gets a happy ending. You can’t count on something like that.

Or can you?

Well, I guess you’ll find out. MUAH HA HA!

And here’s a playlist. Git you all in the mood n’ stuff.

Saddle up, friends, and join me and the Wyoming team on another ride!

Happy Friday!

What’s Happenin’

Hey, peeps–

Okay, so wow. It seems that people are digging the two main characters in From the Boots Up and I’ve gotten some luuuuv and some questions about what’s next for Meg n’ Gina. Well, don’t you worry. I’ve got a novel I’m finishing up with the “what’s next.” You didn’t really think I was through with those two, did you? Muah ha ha! Stay tuned!

Other stuff. I was interviewed recently by the awesome Liz McMullen at her show, so if you’d like to hear me blather on about books and writing and go off on some tangents with her, well, there it is. I also do a reading from the latest in my New Mexico series, which is in progress and not published yet! So if you’ve been following that series, well, here’s your chance to see what Chris is going to be up to in book 4. Plus, Liz put together a super-awesome slideshow to accompany the chatting. Hit the link up there to check it out.

Other, other stuff. I will be attending the annual GCLS conference in June. It’s in Dallas this year. I’ll be running around like a freak, as usual. I’ve been scheduled for a panel or two (not sure yet; waiting to see), and I will be TEACHING A CLASS, people. Or workshop. Whatever you want to call it. The class deals with setting and learning how it can be its own character. I’m trying to get y’all to think about your surroundings in ways that will help you bring it into your own writing. I’ll let you know the deets when the schedule is posted for GCLS.

I’ve also got something planned for mid-September. It’s kind of still percolating, and an awesome crew of fellow authors and readers are working on getting some stuff together for that, but I’ll keep you posted. It’ll be super-groovy. For reals. You’ll see.

What’s in the hopper: As you know, I just released From the Boots Up. The third in my Far Seek Chronicles is with the publisher and in editing. I’ll probably be getting the edited manuscript back next month. New Mexico 4 (I’ll release the title once I’m closer to sending it to the publisher) is nearly done; I’m planning on sending that to the publisher in June. And THEN. Well. I’ve got a couple of romance novels to deal with, including the follow-up to Meg n’ Gina (from Boots).

So there you go. That’s the scoop. Staying busy. Hoping everyone’s well and that you all have a fab Thursday.

Teaser, book 3, Far Seek Chronicles

Hi, kids! As some of you know, I’ve been working on several projects and they’re coming to fruition (I know, I know. FINALLY!). One of those is the third installment of my Far Seek Chronicles, the ongoing space opera adventures of Torri Rendego, her crew, and soldier Kai Tinsdale, who serves in the hated Coalition’s military. For those of you who read this series, you know what the situation is between Torri and Kai. For those who don’t, here’s the link to the series info here on my site. You’ll find links to excerpts, as well.

I’m hoping to get number 3 (I’ll announce the title later on, and post a much longer excerpt as we get closer to publication) out by the end of the summer, and I hope to have the manuscript into the publisher in the next couple of months. At which time it’ll undergo editing and re-writing and all that. Hopefully book 3 will be ready early fall.

Stay tuned for more news/fun stuff with regard to the Chronicles!

In the meantime, here’s a teaser from Book 3.
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