Don’t forget our peeps down South

Hi, friends–quick post tonight; I’ll probably do a longer one in a few days.

Just wanted to remind people that Hurricane Ida hit the Gulf Coast really super hard including communities like Houma (HOME-uh) in Louisiana.

Here are links to organizations that are helping on the ground; please consider donating if you can; spreading the word helps, too. Let’s not forget that people will be without power for weeks and another storm is bearing down on the area.

Foodtank has links to orgs you probably didn’t know existed, like House of Tulip (which helps trans and gender nonconforming people in Louisiana); Cajun Navy (geared to help rescue and provide relief supplies); Mercy Chefs; Another Gulf is Possible (led by WOC).

I’m partial to local orgs, but some big orgs are doing good work (though I’m side-eyeing Salvation Army and Red Cross rn). Here are other sources with links, including to those:

Accuweather how to help
USAToday how to help

Share the luv as you can, and help as you can if you’re so inclined. Thanks, all.