Go check out my chat with Faith Hunter!

That’s right, peeps. NYT bestselling urban fantasy author Faith Hunter sat down for a chat with me over at Women and Words.

You can catch that HERE.

And please do leave comments or questions for her. She’s more than willing to respond. Don’t be shy. I know, I know. NYT bestselling and all. But seriously. She’d love hearing from you.

Happy reading, happy writing!

Two Words: Faith Hunter

Hi, folks–

I’d like you to check in with Women and Words this Friday, February 3rd. Especially if you read urban fantasy. Fab NYT bestselling author Faith Hunter graciously agreed to an interview with me, and it’ll be posted at Women and Words.

Spread the word, share the love. And join me in a case of the serious vay-puhs for such an occurrence!

Happy reading, happy writing!