Writing tips, redux

Hey, peeps–

Thought I’d re-post some of the writing tips I’ve done in the past (since I am, ostensibly, a writer of sorts). And I’ve needed to re-focus on that after the crazy and tragic week. So here you go:

Tips for writing (hopefully good) dialogue.

Tips on point-of-view, and how it can affect your narrative.

Tips on why headhopping might not be a good idea (not to suggest it never is, just why you might want to focus on not doing it, at least at first).

Why you should try to avoid participial phrases.

And here’s a bonus blog from writer Sacchi Green, about some of her writing pet peeves.

There. Have at.

Happy writing!

Elements of Writing: Headhopping

Originally posted Oct. 8, 2008

Greetings, all. Thanks for stopping by. Let’s talk about another element of POV, shall we?

I tend to be a little ol’ skool in some ways in that when I write POV, I stick to one person’s POV (one person’s head) at a time. The reasons for doing this are that it keeps me as a writer focused, and it allows the reader to really bond with that one character, rather than getting jerked out of someone’s head and flung into someone else’s. When you do that–jump from one person’s thoughts to another person’s thoughts and back again in the same scene (sometimes the same paragraph/sentence)–it’s called “headhopping.”

So come on down and let’s have a chat about it, yeah?

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Elements of Writing: Point of View

Originally posted September 17, 2008

Hi, all. Thought I’d actually start doing some stuff related to writing over here. As you may know, I’m also an editor. I spent about 13 years in publishing–mostly academic, but I also did mainstream freelancing, which I’m doing all the time now. I edit for academic and mainstream presses as well as individual clients. So yeah, fiction AND nonfiction.

So let’s talk a bit about fiction writing and point o’ view (POV).

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