Land of Entrapment has left the building.


Well, I made a boo-boo and didn’t make this announcement last month like I should have. It’s an issue of me screwing up release dates versus publication dates and DUHHHHH. So I didn’t get to issue you fair warning on this. :/

ANYWAY! This is one of the things I’ve been up to.

My first mystery, Land of Entrapment, is no longer available for sale.

You heard that right. Land of Entrapment is no more, at least not as a new book. It has retired gracefully, as all authors hope their work does.

There may be a few new copies still floating around out there, but soon, you will only be able to purchase it used, at least for now.


It’s okay. You’ll be okay. How do I know this? Because this is part of my secret news (that is no longer secret, obviously):

I’m rebooting it!

That means I’m re-writing it and will be re-issuing it in the coming months. I’m tentatively hoping to do that in the summer of 2016. It could happen earlier, but I have other things I’m working on that I will tell you about in the coming days, so the summer of 2016 is more realistic.

So keep an eye out for Land of Entrapment 2.0.

Also, as a heads up, you should REALLY go get your copies of State of Denial before November. Seriously. Stock up. I’m not kidding.

Just sayin’.

In the meantime, I would like to extend a huge thank you to the crew at Regal Crest Enterprises, who published Land of Entrapment back in 2008. It’s my first published novel, and I am so grateful that RCE took a chance on an unknown and consequently untested author. I feel like I’ve got some experience under my belt now, and that I’m not untested.

And readers, I couldn’t have done this without you. I was frankly a little worried about how Land of Entrapment would be received, that it wouldn’t resonate with anybody, and that the posse I enjoyed spending so much time with would languish. Readers, you totally allayed my fears, and LoE (its nickname) found a place among you.

I hope you’ll give the reboot a chance, too. Regardless, thank you so much for all of your support over the years. It’s meant the world to me.

So hang in there, dear readers! LoE will return, rested and dusted off.

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for the memories! Catch you on the flipside!
Thanks for the memories! Catch you on the flipside!

Land of Entrapment is dead! Long live Land of Entrapment!

Follow the Evidence

Hi, kids–

Well, there’s been a major freak-out over the Casey Anthony verdict (as I knew there would be), but I’m also hearing some really hateful and ignorant things being tossed around about the case and the jurors. Just a little reminder about manners, friends. Sure, disagree with someone. And sure, disagree strongly. But threats? Really? Behaving like that doesn’t make your case hold up that well, either. Just a friendly tip from the etiquette gallery.

That said, I write a character who is an Albuquerque homicide detective named Chris Gutierrez, and in her first book, State of Denial, she has to solve a murder. A suspect presents early, but Chris — like any good detective knows — must prove the case. That is, she must find the evidence that clearly demonstrates a link (hopefully, more than one link) from the dead person to the suspect, and between what happened to the dead person to the suspect. She has her suspicions, but she also knows what happens in court is contingent on the quality of the evidence she collects and the procedures she employed to collect it. There must be little, if any doubt, that the evidence clearly links a suspect to the victim. As a writer of mysteries and police procedurals, I have to get this stuff as accurate as I can. I’m trying to write a convincing detective who does a good job. In order to do that, I have to educate myself about police procedure and criminalistics.

I want to be very clear about something here. I noticed that many of the “polls” circulating on the Interwebs ask the following question: “Do you believe Casey Anthony is guilty?” I think that’s the wrong question to ask about this case. It is my belief that clearly, something happened in the Anthony household (which has been called “dysfunctional” in the trial, with accusations that Ms. Anthony was abused by her father) that led to the death of Caylee Anthony. The question remains as to what specifically that was. The question, I think, that should be asked is whether you think there was enough concrete evidence to convict Ms. Anthony on a charge of 1st degree murder.

To prove 1st degree murder, you have to prove that a suspect planned out a murder with malice ahead of time, and then acted out that plan. I don’t think the prosecution had that concrete evidence, and the jury had to assess whether or not the evidence the prosecution provided was strong enough to lead them to conclude that Ms. Anthony plotted her daughter’s murder, carried it out, then disposed of her body.

So let’s chat about this a bit more, yes?

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snazz up your wardrobe

with some groovy tees from my webstore, Funk Munkee Junction!

You’ve read my mysteries. Why not wear ’em? Here’s a sample:

Huh? Huh? SEXY, right? You’ll also find the designs for State of Denial and The Ties that Bind over there, too. And you’ll find some cool-ish designs that promo Funk Munkee Junction, an outlier of Andi Land. 8)

Heads up–the book covers and photo work best on cups and tees, and stick to lighter colors on the tees. The ringer tees look pretty cool, too.

And there’s also some personal artwork from a previous life available. This photo of ChimayĆ³, New Mexico, looks pretty cool, I think:

I’m working on getting some images for my sci fi ready, too. But in the mean time, maybe you’ll find something you like.

Happy reading, happy writing, happy dressing!

This n’ That

Hey, kids! Happy Friday to all of y’all.

Just a couple of things. I have conversations with my characters now and again, and I post those. You can find the latest convo, with my character Chris Gutierrez (Albuquerque police detective) over at Women and Words. There are links to 2 other character convos I’ve had on that post, as well. If you’re interested, check it out.

HOT book tip, from author Nicola Griffith. The blurbs alone should make you want to check this out (if it’s your thing), but Nicola says it’s a rockin’ ride, so I freakin’ bought it. I’ll definitely let y’all know what I thought of it. And the book is: Queen of Kings, the debut novel by Maria Dahvana Headley. Cleopatra. Ancient Egypt. She makes a deal with dark magic for her dead lover Antony. And funky, chaotic, awesome, dark and twisted stuff ensues. Sort of urban paranormal historic fiction. Like Queen of the Damned meets The Mummy. Or something. How could you NOT want to read that?


And there you go. Happy reading!