Zombie apocalypse survival tip!

Hi, all–

Whew. A busy week. Hope everyone’s going to have a great Labor Day Weekend! And if you’re part of the contingent out there along the Gulf Coast of in the Crescent City who thought “oh, cool! Beach weekend!”, well, bummer. Tropical Storm Lee, as you no doubt have already found out, is bringing tons of rain. And then the storm will move northeast, so Texas and Oklahoma won’t get any of that much-needed rain. Dang. For those of you in the path of Lee, stay safe.

And speaking of storms, if you can help in the clean-up of Hurricane Irene, here’s a list of organizations accepting donations. Please share it far and wide, because these organizations are not only helping with Irene, but they help all kinds of people following all kinds of disasters all over. Thanks.

Moving along. It’s Saturday, and time now for a zombie (or other) apocalypse survival tip. This one is one you might want to start putting into play long before any sort of apocalyptic event, however. It has to do with adding to your skillz box.

Read on to find out what I’m talking about…

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