Bunker Hill

Okay, it’s not REALLY Bunker Hill (but if you do live there, make sure you check out the great history of the Revolutionary War. And if we’re gong to get technical, it’s also known as Breeds Hill.

But I digress.

I want to talk about bunkers, however. I have a buddy in Albuquerque and every time we get depressed about the state of the world, we threaten to dig or stock our bunkers. Given that a zombie apocalypse is the least of our worries at the moment (don’t freak — I’m concerned about that, as well), you might want to consider constructing a bunker in case all hell breaks loose, sans zombies. Because I personally do not feel that bunkers are a good idea in a zombie apocalypse, but they sure could come in handy in some parts of the world in other types of poo hitting the fan-ness.

So I found this here site for building a top secret bunker under your house.

And how about this dude? Super-serious about the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, and super-serious about his bunkers, by golly. Check out his how-to.

other source where I found this photo: missilebases.com

He also provides info on this handy book.

And if you’ve got access to one, here’re some tips on turning a shipping container into an underground bunker/cellar:


OH, and don’t forget you can also check into purchasing your very own underground (and no longer in use) missile base (or other no-longer-in-use government property! YEAH! Go check out the renovation done on an Atlas F missile silo over at that site. Seriously cool. And how about some of THESE properties? But you’d better hurry, because sales of this sort of property are way up.

My only quibble with some of these fancy schmancy bunkers is why the heck you’re going to be worried about how it looks and entertaining when it’s the freakin’ end of the world. But I digress again.

Anyway. Whew. So there you go. If you’re kind of bored this Sunday afternoon, maybe start scouting locations for a good bunker.

Happy rest of the weekend, and happy surviving!